agreement of life insurance

Life Insurance: An Agreement That Goes Beyond Just Putting Pen to Paper

As we delve into the various explanations and attributes about life insurance, let us first understand what it is. A life insurance is essentially a contract drawn up between the person holding an insurance policy and the insurer/assurer. Then deal between these involves the former paying a monthly or annual…
ways to interactive learning

Ways to Interactive Learning

Interactivity – the interaction of teachers and students – is a key component in the learning process. Interactivity is itself implicit in a classroom where the teacher, when looking at students’ reactions, can instantly pick up an effective reception, but what should the teacher of online courses do? Unfortunately, it…
the comfort women testimonies

The Agreement – The Investigation – The Comfort Women Testimonies

There were questions of a renegotiated deal of the December 2015 between Japan and South Korea. The South Korea Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha said their government would not be renegotiating the deal. This is a deal she made in an agreement with Japan involving comfort women and the announcement ended…
ethically perform research on your competitors

Sneaking a Peek – How to Ethically Perform Research on Your Competitors

Are you running a business? It can be tough work but ultimately rewarding. Being your own boss, or someone else’s boss, can sure beat slaving away for a meagre salary for someone else’s profits. But one hurdle that many business people face is how to properly research the competition to…


korean comfort women testimonies

Korean Comfort Women Testimonies

This past week on Friday South Koren President Moon Jae-in got together with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to restate the opposition that Tokyo has…


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