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why school sports important for children

Why is it Important for Children to Play Sports in School?

In today’s hectic, technological world, children and parents alike follow a rigid structure when it comes to education. Understandably, many parents focus on the education of their children, but few consider their physical and mental health. In order to promote an active lifestyle, positive mindset and stability, sport is one…
legends on silver lecture videos now available

Legends On Silver Lecture Videos – Now Available For Everyone

The National Art Gallery in Sofia has recently become a central point of attention to many media channels and people from Bulgaria and other European countries. As part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, there have been a number of exciting cultural events taking place on local, regional, and…
law school for law students

United State’s Top Law Schools

When applying to Law School it’s important to be realistic with your abilities without underselling yourself. Yes, a degree is a degree and if you can pass the bar it doesn’t make a huge difference on where you go for your education. False. The school at which you study does…
life hacks for students

10 Life Hacks for Students

Student life is all about being busy, which gives birth to disorganization of thing. A student can always find himself not finishing a study on time, being late, unable to find things when needed and lot more. So how exactly can this be sorted out? Well, there is a way…
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