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life hacks for students

10 Life Hacks for Students

Student life is all about being busy, which gives birth to disorganization of thing. A student can always find himself not finishing a study on time, being late, unable to find things when needed and lot more. So how exactly can this be sorted out? Well, there is a way…
how to make your memories last

How To Make Your Memories Last

Have you ever just wanted a moment to last forever? We all have certain times in our lives that we want to remember again and again and to see photographs being buried in drawers and boxes is a tragedy. Your memories deserve special treatment and if you want them to…
the essay that win the heart of ivy league universities

This Malaysian-Born Girl Win The Heart of Best Ivy League Universities with Her Essay

Being offered to attend 1 or 2 ivy league universities is every education seeker's dream. Everyone knows that ivy league universities had a very strict rule on application acceptance. Not only you need to excel in academic, you also need to prove yourself that you're worthy to join the big…
first computer virus

Who Created The First Computer Virus?

The first computer virus was created on an Apple II computer in 1981, by a 9th grader. Richard Skrenta was that smart and mischievous 9th grader who knew a lot about computers. He first wrote code on his friends’ pirated computer games (on floppy disks, well before the unified internet)… - Interesting News and Articles WorldwideNewsFlashing bring you all the interesting and flashy news headline articles from business, entertainment, internet, technology, health, lifestyle, interesting and funny stories from around the world.2006-2018