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copy the best stealing web design ideas

Copy the Best: Stealing Web Design Ideas

There is a saying that there is nothing new under the sun. Ideas are derivative. People sample art, emulate and add their spin. There are only 7 music notes, but they combine to create the entirety of music. There are only so many words, yet they combine to create all of language. In order to create something new, you must…
clothes and fashion what looks good today

Clothes and Fashion – What Looks Good Today?

The style of clothing goes side by side with fashion. It's the artistic ability of a fashion designer to design the clothes and bring it out in front of others. This design then expands into society in no time. The styles we pose by wearing different brand names come into fashion. People from different parts of society bring out fashion…
how to resize image in pdf

How to Resize an Image in PDF

You encounter PDF in everyday routine to work on projects, to deliver lectures or just simply by the students to read a book. PDF is everywhere on our laptops, mobiles and desktop PCs. While working on a project which contains images you have to resize an image so that it perfectly fits on your page. Mostly images are downloaded from…
mens bracelets fashion trend style guide

Men’s Bracelets: Fashion Trend Style Guide

Men’s jewellery has always been a controversial subject. The terms like ‘mangles’ and ‘mewlerry’ can send shivers down your spine. But wrist wear and other types of jewellery for men have taken off as a fashion trend and it seems you don’t have to buy into the strange terminology to successfully buy into the trend. Bracelets have become an extremely…
microsoft new logo

The Importance of Font in Today Modern Web and Print Media

How can something so small and so vague be a point of discussion? A font is everything from representing the brand, attracting eyes and increasing readability. iPhone uses a smartly designed font that increases its boldness as it gets smaller and decreases on increasing font size. The smartly designed font comes in handy for all viewing eyes as it’s a…
wistia hero image

5 Tips on Creating Your First Web Design

Web design had come a long way from a simple text and graphic design to a more complex and illustrated design. When the concept of Web 2.0 introduce, web designer had been rushing to follow this design trend. To better understanding what is Web 2.0 design concept, read this article. Basically they consist of apply bold and bigger text, central…
For Diamond Lovers, What Makes a Diamond Exceptional?

For Diamond Lovers, What Makes a Diamond Exceptional?

Diamond has and always been a 'girl best friend', female attraction to diamond is unexplainable, is it the shine? is it the glitter? or is it just the value concept of owning a diamond lure them. But how do you distinct between normal diamond and exceptional diamond? is it the weight? the color? the purity? well check out this post…
Top 10 Most Expensive Painting Ever Sold

Top 10 Most Expensive Painting Ever Sold

Art painting is one of the unrevealing mystery for mankind, there's a saying that an art piece is more valuable after the artists "art painter" died. Take Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci for example, their elusive arts and paintings are well known worldwide. But what is it that make the art paint irresistible for everyone? Is…
100 Tattoos Quotes With Meaningful Sayings You’ll Love

100 Tattoos Quotes With Meaningful Sayings You’ll Love

Tattoo or body ink existed since the time of MesoAmerica and Ancient Japanese Culture. Tribal warrior will ink or draw their body with pictograph and calligraphy to prove their experience and battle remark, they also believe this will granted them magical spirit protection. In today society, tattoo had become a symbol of art, artists ink their body to express their…
Your Perfect Christmas Boyfriend, Choose for him what to wear

Your Perfect Christmas Boyfriend, Choose for him what to wear

Christmas is wonderful time where family gathered together to celebrate. Bringing you boyfriend back home for the first time to meet the family. Here's a few suggestion from pro fashion so your boyfriend will leave a good impression when meeting your folks. For Family Christmas in the urban city H&M Wool-Blend Coat, $149, Uniqlo Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater, $59,… - Interesting News and Articles WorldwideNewsFlashing bring you all the interesting and flashy news headline articles from business, entertainment, internet, technology, health, lifestyle, interesting and funny stories from around the world.2006-2018