copy the best stealing web design ideas
There is a saying that there is nothing new under the sun. Ideas are derivative. People sample art, emulate and add their spin. There are only 7 music notes, but they combine to create the entirety of music. There are only so many words, yet they combine to create all of language. In order to create something new, you must reorganize the influences that brought us here. That is why, if you want a great website, you should combine the best features of sites which embody the best features.

Some of these features are obvious and common. Others are relatively new and exciting. Some are complicated and others are simple, but each great site has elements which distinguish them and make visiting them a positive experience. In order to evaluate why it is valuable to borrow web design ideas, let’s look at some designs and see how their design elements are desirable and should be acquired.

Unique Animation And Transitions

The FEED MUSIC site is an interesting combination of animation and video. This site creatively mixes these media in ways that immerse the viewer. The words scroll across an animated background that doesn’t follow the scroll. This is hypnotic. The scroll also widens the text as the words rise. This adds to the visual stimulation. The transitions between topics is also inspiring. Each scroll activates animation and each animation is different from the last.


Sites are often bloated and busy. By being so busy, viewers have difficulty navigating and consuming sites. Minimalist sites are not only easy to navigate, but they are aesthetically pleasing. Sites like Mikiya Kobayashi. This site keeps each product in self contained sections so they are easy to observe. The quality of each section is easy to notice and gives viewers a pleasurable sense that keeps them on the site and perhaps purchasing.

Story Telling

Weaving a story together in a compelling way can be very powerful. By doing this, complicated concepts can be better understood and digested. This is done expertly by the site ICE AND SKY. This site takes on the daunting task of explaining global warming. The layout provides a perfect platform for storytelling and allows the creators to effectively convey the importance of a largely misunderstood phenomenon like global warming.


UX is techie speak for user experience and is important to the effectiveness of a website. UX indicates the ability to intuitively see how to navigate to all of the areas that are relevant to the user. The site Virgin America are an excellent example of how to present a website that makes its use easy. There is no clutter. The available options are easy to see, find and use. Because of those things, it creates a valuable UX.

Be Bold

Content is worthless if it is imperceptible. Often sites compact their texts to such a degree they are unreadable. But, blocking out sections can make navigation easy and aesthetic. Designs where they boldly show off what they do in easy to perceive designs are good designs for copy. Sites like MINIMUMS block out their content and use color, positioning and contrast to highlight encompassed profiles. Each square contains a profile and scrolling through them is easy and so is drilling into each are to discover more about a profile.


Sometimes sites become overly beholden to cramming every bit of information onto the site. This not only creates clutter and difficulty navigating, it makes the site ugly. Aesthetic sites like EIDI COMMUNICATIONS place a premium on the look of the site over stuffing content into every corner. The pictures used are often more about beauty than they are about specific content triggers, yet the site is easy to navigate and easy to look at.


Sites should show off their niche talents. Therefore, a site for an artist better be artistic. A site for a technology company better work. And a site for a writing company better not have grammatical errors or amateurish writing. ETQ sells simple style in their shoes. Therefore it is appropriate that their site also has a simple, minimalistic presentation.


People have grown fatigued by misleading sales pitches. It is refreshing when a site is obviously straight forward. Sites like The Los Angeles Times have created a simple structure which is easy to sift through and trust.

If you are going to build a domain of your own, you are going to incorporate features from other sites, whether you like it or not. If you wanted it to be exceptional, copy exceptional sites. This way, the components you use will make your site stand out. Even though it won’t be new under the sun, it can reflect the quality and qualities you desire. Ahmed Designdesign inspiration,website designThere is a saying that there is nothing new under the sun. Ideas are derivative. People sample art, emulate and add their spin. There are only 7 music notes, but they combine to create the entirety of music. There are only so many words, yet they combine to create...