You’ve found the perfect dress, shoes, and purse. The car is booked, and you’ve got the date of your dreams, but there’s one thing missing – makeup!

If you’re still fretting over the best prom makeup looks, never fear – we’ve got you covered! JJ’s House designer Jessica joins us today to go over 5 never-fail makeup looks that will have you red carpet ready!

Dramatic Smokey Eyes

If you want to go full glam on your big night, you cannot go wrong with defined smoky eyes. You’ll want to be sure to stick to thick black eyeliner, but for this look to work well it’s important to make sure the eyeliner is sharp, extremely well defined, and even for both eyes.

“This look can be very versatile,” says Jessica. “By changing the color of shadow you use in the inner eye, you can use tones that compliment your dress and skin tone for a really professional look.”

Barely There But Beautiful

natural beauty prom makeup
If you are looking to create a good girl goes glam look with your prom dresses, a great makeup option for this is subtle or barely-there makeup. This does not mean to skip makeup; instead, it’s a style that makes you look naturally beautiful.

It’s also an excellent option to consider if you are not really used to wearing much makeup and might find yourself feeling uncomfortable or overdone. “By sticking to a natural palette, you can create a timeless look that appears effortlessly stunning,” says Jessica.

Bronze It Up!

Stay away from those tanning booths! This look does not mean you need to rock a look that says ‘hot orange mess’! It’s about using some exquisite bronze shadows for simple, yet, dramatic effect.

Metallic, bronze shadows can really make lighter eye colors such as blues and greens really pop. If you are wearing a gorgeous green dress, this look can be spectacular.

Glitter Girl!

glitter prom makeup
Who doesn’t love playing around with glitter? You don’t need to keep the sparkles to your gown either – add it to your makeup! It is a look, however that requires a steady hand and a light touch – overdoing it is not recommended!

There are a few ways to have a bit of fun with your look by using glitter. If you have understated eyes, you can glam them up a little by placing a line of glitter on your lower lash line. Another trick is to use a light, glittery powder over your highlighter – but only on the top of your cheekbones, under your brows or the inner corner of your eye!

Old-School Glam

Last, but absolutely not least, a never-fail look is to emulate vintage Hollywood.  Jess says, “If you want to keep it simple but look stunning, you can never go past red lipstick!”

old school prom makeup
The best part about this particular style is it suits just about everyone, so you can’t really go wrong! To get that old Hollywood glamour, you need to have eyeliner flicking up at the ends of your eyes, and a shade of red lipstick that suits your skin tone. This can take a little bit of work to find, but once you do, you won’t look back! LifestyleCosmetic,fashion,Makeup,PromYou've found the perfect dress, shoes, and purse. The car is booked, and you've got the date of your dreams, but there's one thing missing - makeup! If you're still fretting over the best prom makeup looks, never fear - we've got you covered! JJ's House designer Jessica joins us...