11 things your lawyer won’t tell you
Though most lawyers seem to be honest professionals, yet they will hide many things from you. It is crucial to seek professional help in many walks of life, especially when it comes to legal proceedings. The legal industry has its own rules which one has to comply with. There are several situations in life when you will need a lawyer such as after getting convicted of a criminal charge, during a nasty divorce, a car accident, the reading of a will etc.  Therefore you must have an honest professional to help you get through tough situations in life. After selecting a suitable lawyer, most people think they know everything about the person whereas this is not true at all. There are several things which lawyers never tell their clients. Some of those things are:

1. They charge the full amount for the forms they already have

This is a truth about all the lawyers whom you will come across. They will charge money for a new form and tell you as if they started from scratch. The reality is they already have all those forms. There are minor edits which need to be made to every form, but since they’re in the business field, they will charge full price for the entire form from the client. In this way many clients start getting ripped off in the very first meeting with the lawyer.

2. They will never give you the breakdown of their fees structure

This is true! Most of the lawyers don’t want you to closely look at their fees structure and will always give you an aggregated estimate of the entire fee throughout the process. When you meet any lawyer, he/she will ask you about your comfort level with paying them. In most of the cases, people are so intense and worried; they never focus on asking several questions to the lawyers. Keeping aside some of the veteran professionals, most money seekers have a lot of hidden charges embedded in the fee structure.

3. They tell you not to do the basic tasks

Some of the basic tasks which you can do yourself, the lawyer will tell you not to do them; simple examples include basic wills, forms for uncontested divorces etc. The lawyer will tell you to keep away from such tasks, but the truth is you can do them yourself and save a lot of money. If you are naïve to this profession, your lawyer will grab all the tasks and get money to do everything his way. Therefore you need to beware when hiring someone for the job.

4. The fee is negotiable

Most lawyers should have a negotiable free when it comes to serving clients. However, not many of them will tell you about it. Some professionals have their websites from where they paddle services to the clients. Most of them will present you with the form of a fee which has all the charges written on it, but if you have a good referral, you will easily be given discount. This is the multifaceted nature of the profession when it comes to talking business. A good lawyer should have a negotiable price to attract customers.

5. The lawyer doesn’t know everything about the law

While going to the attorney, don’t think he knows everything. Ever heard jack of all trades and master of none?  Same is the case with many attorneys in town. The law field is so diverse that most of the lawyers know not much but just few niches of the field. Therefore if you’re going to Los Angeles wage and hour attorney, don’t expect him to know the criminal laws in Seattle. There is a very small percentage of lawyers who know everything about the law. Some of them continue to practice in a specific niche for the rest of their lives.

6. Your lawyer won’t tell you about his bad past

Keep in mind nobody presents their bad past in front of prospective clients. So if you want to confirm the veracity of a person’s services online you should check their social media profiles and personalized website customer review section. A lawyer will never tell you if he/she had a terrible past in terms of paddling poor services to a client. Every lawyer will only present a successful portfolio of the work they’ve done. So don’t expect you, lawyer, to spill the beans all of a sudden.

7. Lawyers say they can easily rusticate the clients which they cant

things your lawyer won’t tell you
You must have heard several cases of lawyers threatening clients if they take too long to pay the fees structure. The truth is they can’t fire you all of a sudden. Once a case is registered in the courts of law, it is mandatory for the lawyer to be present when the verdict is being read. Failing to do so will result in the lawyer getting a bad reputation in the commercial market. Many clients complain lawyers threaten them now and then, and also that they’ll stop representing them in court, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

8. The lawyer will never tell you hell conduct a background check

This is another thing which lawyers don’t tell. When signing on new clients, veteran professionals always conduct a background check to know about the history of a particular client. Whereas the ultimate truth is not many conducts a background check. People who have hands-on experience of serving in this profession know how toxic it is to get clients as worst enemies if the case doesn’t works out in their favor. So if you’re going to a top-notch attorney in town and he tells you he’ll sign you on that very moment, don’t believe him.

9. Your attorney will never provide a written, guaranteed success

Keep in mind, the field of law always plays a probability of 50/50 when one enters the court. Even if you have the most famous attorney in the world on your side, there is always going to be a chance of you losing at the end of the day. There are several examples of people failing in the last hearing who were being expected to win actually. If your case doesn’t work out in your favor, you can’t even locate a single statement in the papers which says the success was yours. Therefore your lawyer might have bought you in confidence by passing on those lucrative statements, but there’s no written evidence of it in papers.

10. The lawyer will never tell you your importance for him as a client

Most people in the market are so delusional and overconfident about their services; they start overlooking their clients by giving bizarre expressions. The truth is there are many people in the market who are offering more or less the same services. So in a market of perfect competition, it becomes easy for everyone to stand an equal chance of getting a client. You lawyer will always give the impression as if he/she is not that bothered with you leaving; the truth is that sometimes they badly need to take your case because there’s no other work.

11. The lawyer will never tell you that he can sue him/her

What happens if the lawyer screws up your work? You can sue him/her back! It is as simple as that. No lawyer will ever tell you that you can sue them back.

In most cases we have heard some lawyers help people in getting compensation against a medical negligence or malpractice. The truth be told, the lawyer himself can be sued if your work has been screwed up because of any negligence. You must know there are laws and rules to protect everything in the state. Don’t sign the document with an empty head. You should know about your laws when you’re paying a hefty amount of money.


Lastly, it is crucial to be wise enough when selecting a suitable lawyer. There are millions of people out there in the market who paddle the same services to people. Law is a profession which is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are several factors you must keep in mind when hiring a suitable attorney. The first thing is to analyze the situation you’re in and identify the kind of attorney you want. Suppose if you want a criminal attorney after getting convicted of murder, you cannot ask somebody who manages divorce cases.

Secondly, don’t overlook the experience for that counts a lot. On the other hand you also need to conduct a background check on the person to know about their veracity. If you are hiring somebody through an agency, the problem isn’t that much. However, if you are hiring somebody after a one to one conversations, you have to be thoughtful about everything. At the end give it a go and articulate yourself to your lawyer and do not hide anything from that person which he/she must know.

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