top 10 myths about lawyers
Law is a profession which is one of the toughest of its kind in the world. People say lawyers charge a lot of money for their work; the truth is that the intensity of the work can never match whatever price you pay for it. Just as the world continues to progress, so do the laws and regulations of many cities and states. In this article we will guide you through 10 biggest myths about lawyers which continue to hound them. The internet is flooded with articles, each of which tries to conceive a lot of stereotypical thoughts in the minds of clients. Some of the common myths are:

1. Lawyers are aggressive

This is the first common myth regarding lawyers. In TV channels and documentaries, lawyers are projected as people who are shouting all the time and standing up every few minutes up to make their point. Keep in mind; there are several types of cases in the field of law and every case has a different kind of lawyer. So for instance if you are willing to meet a lawyer after getting convicted with drugs, his/her response and attitude will be different as compared to a lawyer who will be managing your divorce settlement. They are aggressive at times, but veteran professionals know how to navigate the case in the right manner. They will not shout but will always make their point in the courts of law according to their right.

2. lawyers are money seekers

Another common myth which continues to hound lawyers is they are always looking for your money. When you go to visit a doctor, he bills you which is not a surprise. However the law field is a bit different. There is no guarantee of you winning the case which is why there is no fixed price for the services. The fee differs from person to person. If you hire Orange County Workers Comp Attorney, the case will be different since you’re hiring from an agency. If you hire somebody after a one to one conversation, the fee structure will be completely different. Yes it is true, the market has many money seekers looking for naïve people in the field. Many veteran professionals have established themselves as perfect in this world.

3. lawyers work very excitingly

If you think lawyers work like superstars in Hollywood films, you are incorrect. Lawyers have a tough job to do. They have to deal the most notorious cases in town which begin from small criminal offences down to mass murders and terrorist attacks. Do you still think their jobs Is easy? Surely not. They have to go through the archaic procedure of registering the client’s case in the court of law and then to do research on it is another milestone they have to cross. Some lawyers work relentlessly so their clients can have a good life. Some cases prolong so much so that they have to stick with the client for even years. The common myth is they make a lot of noise, but they’re just doing the work they’ve been given.

4. Lawyers are rich

lawyers are rich or not
Do you think all lawyers are rich? Not. Not everyone can be Robert Kardashian in this life. Yes, they lead a privileged life, and some of them have expensive cars as well, but try to understand they’ve earned it. The beginning is very tough, and some people even get off the bandwagon when they’re unable to stay stable in the intense climate of the law world. If you visit an average lawyer, he/she might give the impression that they’re unaffected with not taking up your case, but from deep down inside they want to take up your case for there’s no other work. Lawyers who practice through agencies work on fixed salaries sometimes however private lawyers charge hefty amounts of money, so they always stand a chance of building up good future.

5. Lawyers have no emotions

It is natural for every human being to be emotional and to project those emotions at some point in time. However law field is very difficult, and lawyers have to be secular in their work because it is the need of the hour. Even lawyers agree to the fact, some of the convicted have committed the most notorious crimes which puts them in utter confusion, yet as committed professionals they have to take up the work. They have emotions just like all of us, but they can’t protect them all the time. More than using their heart it is the brain which does the talking. If all lawyers start working by wearing their heart on their sleeves, they can never work. So to say they don’t have emotions is not correct.

6. Lawyers collude with judges and police

This is yet another notorious statement which tarnishes their repute in the public eye. To generalize a stereotypical notion is not correct. However nobody stands a chance to blame anyone without proof too. People often believe lawyers collude with judges and police to win the case and manipulate evidence. If this had been the case, millions of people wouldn’t have received justice. Negotiations are there but to say collusion happens, is politically incorrect. A proper conversation between two parties might be the best decision to solve a complex problem. An upright and honest lawyer will never take bribe or give you any chance of walking the negative path.

7. Lawyers are liars

Do you think it is fair enough to put this blame on anyone without concrete evidence? So why on lawyers? Myths and jokes about lawyers are common on the internet. They are often labelled as liars and people who don’t pull back their punches.

Furthermore, people go the extra mile by blaming lawyers for manipulating their clients and judges to win the case. But is it true? Once a lawyer receives a valid license from the court, it is his/her ethical duty to comply with all the rules and regulations. If a lawyer is caught lying or making up things, it will tarnish his/her reputation in public, therefore they have to be cautious about every word.

8. Lawyers can’t be trusted

This is not just a myth but an issue if you don’t trust your lawyer for work. If you hire a lawyer to get you through an issue you must dive full throttle in trusting the person. Otherwise, you will cause trouble for yourself. It is true some lawyers do try to fake things and only rob the clients, but to generalize this notion is not fair. Every good lawyer knows his/her work and will never try to impose him/herself on you to trust them. The only thing that matters is the selection criteria which you followed to hire a lawyer. If you are sure about the work experience, education, portfolio and veracity of the services, there’s no harm in trusting the person for your work.

9. Lawyers know everything

lawyers know everything or not
Ever heard jack of all trades and master of none? In the law field, lawyers are jack of all trades but master of some. Some lawyers work on a specific niche all their lives, and we continue to think they know it all. Keep in mind; law is a diverse field, so technically, it is not wise enough for us to believe that a person knows everything about the law. Even top-notch professionals have their defined niches in which they work. Very few veterans from the field know well about the entire field. The millennials are anyways opting for degrees which provide majors in a few things.

10. Lawyers don’t have time for a vacation

There’s no escape from the fact lawyers have a tough life to live, and law is a difficult field to establish foot in, but lawyers need vacation too just like all of us. Lawyers also take time off from work and plan their visits. People who are naïve and working under an agency have a difficult routine to get out of, but those who are practicing privately get time for themselves once they get free from a case. They are fun people too and need time to relax. Excess of anything is bad for the human body and mind which is why it crucial to take time out for yourself.


We’re sure you would have eradicated many myths about lawyers from your minds by now. Law is a very different field which is why it is common for lawyers to be understood very often. The problem with these myths is that they have a lot to do with the way lawyers are projected on screen. TV shows and films always show the negative side of every professional which gets encrusted in the minds of consumers. Therefore it is crucial to shrug off what the gossip mongers have to say and adhere to the truth about every professional. If you keep these stereotypical notions in mind you will never be able to work with a lawyer on any case.

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