parental tips children clothingParents are always excited about having their first baby. They do their best to provide the best care, including great clothes and good food. Parents buy unique toddler dresses for girls and T-shirts for boys as well as cute clothes for toddler boys and girls and newborns also. Moms spend hours looking for clothes available online. They do everything to satisfy all the whims of a growing kid.

However, the bigger your kid gets, the more you have to face with his or her character. One of the main challenges every mom has to deal with is a fight over what a kid will wear to school. Your baby girl might want to wear a pink dress and yellow socks to preschool instead. She does not care about fashion. She just likes it.

Tips on Avoiding Fights

It is important to understand that this is the period when personality is shaping. You cannot prohibit or make your kid do what you want. Children learn to express themselves at toddler and preschool age. You have to work out how to deal with it without hurting their personality.

  • Begin with defining the worst scenario. Determine clothing that is not appropriate at the moment. Of course, you cannot let your kid go out in a summer dress when it is raining. It is also not appropriate to wear jeans to a wedding ceremony but it will be fine for a birthday party.
  • Decide whether it is a really worth fight about. Just ask yourself: do I really care that much that my kid wants to wear a pink dress and yellow socks? The fight over it can impact your parenting connection while the problem is not big. Sometimes parents become so obsessed with parenting that they forget about compromise and rationality. The most important is that your kid is warm and comfortable.
  • Give a choice. Do not make your child wear only what you want. You can arrange two or three variants of clothing in advance. It is important to give a kid the possibility to learn to choose. It impacts his decision-making Psychologists have proven that people having problems with the decision-making process are usually those, who were not given the right to choose. Most decisions were made by their parents.
  • Turn the process of cloth selection into a fun. You can pretend to be fashion designers and choosing clothes for a celebrity. Let your kid know that you give a choice but you also have the right to object to certain choices.
  • Avoid morning fights by choosing clothes several days ahead. In a perfect scenario, you should do it a week ahead. In the morning your kid can be not in the best mood. As the result, he or she does not want to go anywhere or choose anything. It is easier to avoid a fight when you do it in the evening.
  • Shop together to choose clothes together. It means a lot for a kid. It shows that you respect the right to choose. In fact, in some families, the fight is not about the clothes at all. It is about the possibility to choose what you want. It will show respect to your kid’s choice and you will definitely buy what you both like.

Choosing clothing for a child is a part of building the right relations. Be patient and you will avoid numerous fashion fights.

Parental Tips: Stop Fighting over the Clothes! Adviceadvise,parental tips,children clothingChoosing clothing for a child is a part of building the right relations. Be patient and you will avoid numerous fashion fights. Here are some tips for parents.