100 Most Beautiful Japanese AV Stars

Porn in Japan is a well-known culture, although majority of society consider porn, a dirty and unhealthy business, however the Japanese people loves their porn actress, also known as AV Stars. What is ‘AV’ stand for? well, it’s not audiovisual, it is ‘Adult Video’. You could say that its a more polite way to say ‘porn’ i guess  😀

Japanese AV actress normally lives a simple and quiet life. Although their fame is well known in Japan. Japanese people didn’t treat them differently. The recent incident where one of the biggest stars in the Japanese AV industry, Maria Ozawa broke down and cried when a Philippines immigration officer took a picture of her (Maria Ozawa) passport picture and details and post it on Facebook. It showed that even they bare it all nakedly in their work, it doesn’t mean Japanese AV actress didn’t care about their privacy and how the world looks at them. Show some 😡 heart people!

Here’s a collection of the most beautiful Japanese Av Stars, support them by buying their AV DVD or just simply recognize their name and join their fan club maybe. Are you ready? keep that hand on the table  😆
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