military parts you can get at a discount

Although we all clamor for world peace, yet, all military ammunition and equipment cannot be thrown or destroyed because of this global desire. The world will still require the use of military weapons as a means of enforcing world peace.

The war in the Middle East and the frequent attacks of terrorists are a few reasons why the military is still required to enforce peace in such troubled regions. To keep the peace, sophisticated weapons that can turn the tide of any war in favor of global peace are needed. Unfortunately, many of these war-winning weapons are quite expensive.

The U.S government spends a lot of money yearly on the military. The Fiscal Year 2021 discretionary budget for the Department of Defense is $705.39 billion ($705,390,000,000) approximately. Click here to learn more about the military budget of the United States of America.

With such high cost of these pieces of equipment, private military companies aren’t the only ones seeking discounts for these items; even the government seeks discounted prices.

Interestingly, not all equipment can be gotten at a discount. One of the reasons for that is the high cost of manufacturing these weapons. Reputable weapons manufacturers such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman only make certain items available at a discount to prevent them from running at a loss.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss certain military parts that can be gotten at a discount. We’ve placed these parts in categories so that we can easily identify them.

With that said, let’s begin…


1. Arrest Engine Assy

This part belongs to the Aircraft Landing Equipment Federal Supply Class. It is one of the components that make up an aircraft’s arresting gear.

2. Propeller Governor Assembly

A member of the Aircraft Propellers and Components Federal Supply Class, this item is designed for the Douglas Aircraft Model DC-6.


1. Caliber .50 Cartridge

The Caliber .50 Cartridge falls under the 30mm ammunition class and is popular among the wide variety of discount military parts available. It is designed for the Machine Gun M2 and is capable of piercing armor, incendiary, and tracing. The number of cartridges in a package is 100.

2. 60 Millimeter Cartridge

This cartridge falls under the class of over 30mm to 75mm ammunition. Its design type is high explosive with a point detonating fuze type. It has composition B projectile filler and a 4 propelling charge increment quantity.

It is specifically designed for the Mortar M2 as well as the Mortar M19.


1. Bomb Dummy Fuze

This bomb equipment has a nose and tail installation design and is acceptable with any fuze type. The hardware consists of 4 inert boosters, 1 auxiliary booster clip, and 1 firing lanyard.

2. Bomb Safety Retainer

This bomb part has a conical shape and is secured thanks to 4 spring straps as well as lock studs. Its overall length is 17.00 inches.

Camouflage and Deception

1. Fiber Camouflage Net

1 fiber camouflage net

This net is made of wool and has a drape design. It is mildew proof which is the only environmental protection it has. The fabric loop is attached and located on the EA corner.

It has a measurement of 1.833 feet for both overall width and length. Its mesh width and length is 2.250 inches for both dimensions.

2. Pivot Stake Assembly

This assembly has the following description and characteristics: C/O 2 EZ stakes with lengths of 2.667 and widths of 0.125 inches. Steel W/2 EAS steel lock washer measuring 0.375 inches. 2 EA steel hexagon nuts with 3/8 inches. 16 bolts, 2 EA steel hexagon head bolts 3/8 inches.

Chemical Weapons and Equipment

1. Riot Control Disperser Cylinder

This cylinder is used for dispersing riot crowds. The compressed air within the cylinder can be used on rioters to move them back when the air is released.

It is made from steel carbon and has an olive color design. It can be refilled once empty just like a regular fire extinguisher.

2. Portable Flame Thrower Service kit

It is designed for use with the Flame Thrower Portable M2A1.


1.  Radar Frequency Power Divider

This radar equipment is used to divide a single signal into a minimum of 2 output signals without the signal quality reducing. It has a frequency range of 10 – 100 MHZ.

2. Sonar Detecting Ranging Set Subassembly

This equipment is in the underwater sound equipment class. Its parts include 1 capacitor, 1 insulator, 1 diode, 1 resistor, 1 jack, 1 printed wiring board, 1 transistor, and 1 spacer.

Its overall length, width, and height are 6.000 inches, 4.500 inches, and 0.800 inches.


1. Hand Grenade

With a fragmentation design type, this item is cast from Iron with a serrated surface finish. The active material it is filled with is Trinitrotoluene flake and Trinitrotoluene granular. It comes with a detonating fuze type.

2. Hand Grenade Fuze

It has a point detonating fuze type with a minimum fuze delay time of 4.00 seconds and a maximum fuze delay time of 5.00 seconds.

Guided Missiles

1. High Explosive Guided Missile Warhead Section

This guided missile part has an antiaircraft head type. The filler material weight is 44.00 pounds and its overall weight is 150.00 pounds.

2. Actuator Pin

It is a component used in guided missiles. It is made from steel that is corrosion resistant, and its surface is treated with cadmium. Its overall length and diameter are 0.605 inches and 0.250 inches.


1. 7.62 Millimeter Machine Gun

Its overall length is 43.000 inches and it utilizes air as its cooling medium. A disintegrating metallic link belt is its feed method and it has a feeding device capacity of 250. Visit to watch the 7.62mm machine gun in action.

2. Automatic Caliber .22 Pistol

This automatic pistol has a barrel length of 7.250 inches with a magazine feed method. The operation method it uses is gas.

All the parts mentioned above do not have any nuclear-hardened or critical features. They are also free of hazardous materials.


The list above is in no way conclusive, there are many more military parts that you can get at a discount. However, be sure to make your purchase from certified and reliable suppliers. BusinessBusiness fundingAlthough we all clamor for world peace, yet, all military ammunition and equipment cannot be thrown or destroyed because of this global desire. The world will still require the use of military weapons as a means of enforcing world peace. The war in the Middle East and the frequent attacks of terrorists are a few […]