Crazy Camel Bite Owner’s head off

You’ve seen lots of animal attack that’s unbelievable, you’ve seen nothing yet. In New Delhi, a camel bites its owner’s head off just because it was angry that the owner forgot about his scorching heat under the hot sun and tight up in the backyard.


The man has been busy entertaining his guest that he forget he left the camel tight up in the backyard. When he realized his mistake, he quickly goes and tries to let lose the camel. However, this turns out to be a tragedy when the camel feeling frustrated and bite off the man’s head.

It is known that this is not the first time the camel tries to attack his owner. The camel has maybe been waiting for its opportunity to take revenge on the owner. A camel which considers a gentle and none violent animal now on my dangerous animal list.

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Come up, what kind of vendetta that the camel had, to viciously biting off the man’s head, just doesn’t make sense. Maybe the heat from that particular afternoon. With the weather getting hotter by the day, no wonder animals are going crazy too.

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