dota 2 vs league of legends which better

There are plenty of eSports, each with their own qualities and reputation, and thanks to them, they’ve become so famous over the years. But especially if you’re into this area, you must have seen the competition between League of Legends and Dota 2. The communities of the games are constantly going at each other over which game is the better one.
This makes it confusing for newcomers, as they’re wondering which game they should choose, as trusting someone who says “My game is the best!” is not ideal. Even Dota 2 betting fans on and LoL bettors are wondering what the trouble is about.

Don’t know which game to choose? Here is a comparison between the games.


Heroes are some of the most important aspects of these games. Dota 2 has 117 heroes as we speak, while League of Legends is at 145 released champions. But despite the difference in numbers, both games have amazing heroes that players have come to love. Not only are there a lot of champions that work for beginners, but there are more complex ones to use as you progress.

In Dota 2, heroes pretty much have 4 abilities, which can be active and passive, while LoL’s champions can have 1 passive and 4 actives, while 2 others are summoner spells.


When it comes to laning, both games can be really fun. The difference is that in LoL, you have many active abilities for low mana. However, this means you have to practice and become fast with them in order to make them effective. On the other hand, in Dota, you need to be careful at how you position and time your abilities if you want to succeed.


While both games have stores and cosmetics, the one in Dota 2 seems to have more to offer. You can customize announcers, HUDs, skins and more. And the coolest thing is that if you have an idea for cosmetics, you can submit them and see whether Valve approves them. If you’re lucky, you’ll receive a good percentage of the earnings.

Final conclusion

dota2 vs lol comparison
There are more things to take into consideration when it comes to the games, such as the community, items, graphics and so on. But ultimately, the decision belongs to you, and you decide which game is better for you and whether you want to bet in Dota 2 or in LoL. EntertainmentComparison,eSports,Online GamesGaming community constantly argue over which game is better between League of Legends (LoL) and Dota 2. Here is a list of comparison between these two games.