Men’s Bracelets: Fashion Trend Style Guide

mens bracelets fashion trend style guide
Men’s jewellery has always been a controversial subject. The terms like ‘mangles’ and ‘mewlerry’ can send shivers down your spine. But wrist wear and other types of jewellery for men have taken off as a fashion trend and it seems you don’t have to buy into the strange terminology to successfully buy into the trend.

Bracelets have become an extremely popular accessory for style conscious men. From leather straps to metal bands and wooden beads, there is a wide range to choose from for those trendy men that are not scared to confidently dress up their wrists.

Flicking through the pages of men’s magazines, more and more images are prominent of men wearing stylish and masculine wrist wear. With this in mind, for the average man that is interested in exploring the new world of wrist wear, what are the key styles on the market this year?

Metal Bracelets

Metal bracelets, specifically ID tags have a huge masculine sense about them; this is because of their military associations. Celebrities such as Channing Tatum and Liam Hemsworth have been spotted wearing metal bracelets and bands.

Metal ID bracelets retain a sense of masculinity and communicate a sense of tasteful rebellion within their sleek image. They are usually quite chunky and distinctive, meaning they are best worn as solo pieces without anything else on the wrists distracting from them. It is also best to wear them on the opposite hand to your watch, rather than weighing down one hand with both.

As with every piece of men’s jewellery, it is important to wear with confidence. Remember with this piece, less is more; you don’t want to give off the appearance of a shackled prisoner.

Beaded bracelets

The beaded bracelet is becoming ever more popular, and when gathering images from recent street style photography, it seems this style is one above the rest in terms of popularity. Ethnic inspired wooden beads as well as high-end crystal and ebony versions and even statement plastic styles, all types of designs are currently on the market and provide something for every personal taste.

As well as being popular, they are also versatile. You can adapt these bracelets to a wide variety of looks. Black or grey scale beads go well with smart and tailored outfits while giving them a uniqueness and edge. Wooden versions offer a natural and outdoors vibe to an outfit.

The use of beaded bracelets is a great way to inject some colour into an outfit. Match a mustard yellow wooden beaded bracelet with a mustard tie or match subtle colours in your bracelet to the base tones of your shirt or blazer. Play around with styles and colours and have some fun.

Leather bracelets

men leather bracelets
Men are already used to wearing leather on their wrists in the form of watches, so a leather bracelet is not such a big leap and may be good for the amateur men’s jewellery wearer. Leather bracelets retain that sense of masculinity.

If you want to appear rebellious and roguish, then a leather strap is the option for you. A black or dark brown leather bracelet can be merged into a smart and tailored look without appearing jarred. A wide leather cuff could be paired with a t-shirt and slim-fitting jeans for a more modern and edgy look.

Leather bracelets can actually complement watches, so you are free to wear them on whichever hand you would prefer. They can also be stacked up the wrist for a modern and laid back look. Go here for leather and classic bracelets.

So, wear that wrist wear and hold your head high with confidence. There will always be critics with controversial fashion choices, but generating debate only seems to increase the popularity of the trend.

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