4 Pros in Favor of Censure on Instagram

Over the past few years, Instagram has completely changed its policy. They block users for posting nude photos or pictures showing nipples and hid posts related to destructive behavior. At the end of last year, the leadership removed the likes for posters from Canada, Italy, Brazil, Ireland, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and began to remove filters with the effects of plastic surgery.

4 pros in favor of censure on instagram
It may seem that the new algorithms create a framework for users that do not allow expressing individuality and creates a kind of “witch hunt”. However, Instagram censure actually helps users maintain mental health.elow we describe how exactly this works.

1. Reduces Pressure on Women Associated With Unrealistic Ideals

Instagram popularized dubious trends to society and continues to be used for this purpose. Thanks to the social network, we know about  “caviar” makeup, corkscrew nails, and “devil’s lips”. The trends set by Instagram often not only change a person beyond recognition but also force them to redefine themselves to standards that interfere with a carefree life. The publication Paper reports that in 2018, 313 thousand Americans had breast augmentation surgery, 258 thousand decided on liposuction, 213 thousand on surgical rhinoplasty.

Workers whose activities are directly related to social media associate these statistics with social media influences. The Norwegian corporation inspires me found that half of the Instagram influencers surveyed felt that their mental state changed for the worse due to constant work with the social network and 32% noticed dysmorphophobia, which is an excessive concern about one’s appearance.

Some body-positive celebrities, such as Jamila Jamil, emphasize that posts and filters which change appearance beyond recognition, make you see the person differently. Instagram’s refusal to promote unhealthy standards will help to accept yourself and others.

Edited photos greatly affect how a person sees themselves in the mirror. Relationships are also influenced by trends. It is becoming more difficult for people to evaluate potential partners as they are. Standards are overstated which do not allow us objectively evaluate others appearance.

2. Struggling With Social Anxiety

“Likes” are one of the manifestations of approval of the worldview, thoughts, and appearance of the person as a result. Amanda Lenhart, a specialist at the Pew Research Center, noted that adolescents have changed their communication channels from face to face to virtual. So 57% of respondents admitted that they tend to find friends and communicate online. This puts too many expectations on likes as a reward system. About 40% of respondents said they were stressed due to feelings that posts should collect noticeable feedback.

Although the Internet community thinks that Instagram refuses displaying likes in order to prevent influencers from earning with the help of mutual PR, this still has more pros than cons.

3. Helps to Cope With Self-Harm

helps to cope with self harm
Recently, Instagram announced that would ban all posts related to self-harm and suicide from being published. This decision is associated with the death of 14-year-old Briton Molly Russell. According to her father, shortly before the tragedy Briton often looked at self-harm related posts. He also told the BBC that Molly was self-sufficient and loved finding her own answers.

However, it is likely that she was depressed and in search of information that could help, stumbled upon even more demoralizing content that caused her suicide. After the incident, Instagram introduced warnings about dubious content but now decided on a massive baning of such publications.

People suffering from mental disorders need qualified and comprehensive support but a ban on self-harm photos can protect users, especially teenagers, from frightening content.

4. Protects From the Effects of Fake News

Recently, the leadership of the social network announced that false facts and fake news would be marked with the tag “False information”. The veracity of the information will be determined by a special service created by Facebook. Preparations for the update began after 2016 as the US Senate Committee called Instagram the most effective tool for influencing the Internet, after which Facebook began developing a service for fact-checking.

ake news can ruin the life of both an individual person and the whole country. Against the background of unverified information about the coronavirus, social networks posted ads with the sale of a nonexistent “secret vaccine” against the disease. At one time, fake news almost exacerbated relations between the United States and North Korea.

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