how to get divorce in georgia
Divorce is a very strenuous process for a couple. Often times, couples prefer handing over all responsibilities of the divorce process to their respective lawyers. This way, the feuding spouses can avoid crossing paths in the courtroom and having to meet face to face over and over again. Aside from courtroom proceedings, there are many other important aspects that need consideration like the maintenance of any children and the division of assets and property.

Many divorces get stretched for long durations and involve bitter arguments. This can be especially true if the couple gets bad advice or if either spouse wishes for more than what they should get. For a divorce to go more smoothly, it is better to reduce the emotional burden. It is also crucial for both parties to know all of the divorce-related laws, the steps involved in the process, and the various benefits available.

Georgia has 13 different grounds on which a couple can file for divorce. One of the most important and least complicated grounds is the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. This is a no-fault ground for divorce, so it stands the best chance of being concluded in the shortest time frame making it the most amicable option for both parties. Under this clause, both parties must agree that there is no hope remaining for reunification in the future.

The remaining 12 provisions are at-fault grounds. As such, they require the capability of the pleading lawyers to prove the wrongdoings by either of the parties and prove the lawful rights of the client in getting a divorce in due course of time. These provisions include several closely interrelated grounds like physical or mental abuse, adultery, an unknown stage of pregnancy of the wife to her husband, physical desertion of the partner, and impotence. The others are use of force or fraud in marrying each other, a marriage of closely related persons, chronic intoxication, use of drugs, mental illness, and conviction and final imprisonment for specific crimes.

Uncontested divorce

uncontested divorce
In the state of Georgia, an individual can submit an application for divorce for cases broken down by either an at-fault or no-fault category. Both categories can be used in an uncontested case for divorce. In either case, individuals can submit an application for divorce using Georgia’s uncontested divorce forms so long as both parties are agreeable to all terms and conditions of the divorce. An uncontested divorce usually takes about 31 days after the submission of the divorce papers.

This process is straightforward and faster since no court appearance is required. This procedure is widely prevalent in Georgia since the divorce can be pushed through quite quickly. As long as the divorce documents are filled out correctly, they will be quickly accepted with no objections.

It is in the best interest of the respondent to answer the divorce documents if they contest any of the issues. By ignoring the served divorce papers, one might lose many rights. There is no immediate remedy for divorce in Georgia, but an uncontested divorce remains the fastest option compared to other states. An uncontested divorce can take less than eight weeks to complete.

To be eligible for an uncontested divorce in Georgia, you must have lived in the state of Georgia for at least the last six months. The Georgia uncontested divorce procedure is the fastest and easiest way to overcome this difficult time and begin the healing process.

Divorce Without an Attorney

Attorney fees are usually the most expensive aspect of a divorce. Some couples choose to represent themselves for the divorce proceedings rather than use a lawyer. If you choose to act as your own attorney, just be aware that you are expected to be well versed with the legal system and to behave respectfully in court. Otherwise, this could end up being a frustrating process putting you at a severe disadvantage in the case.

Complete Divorce Online

To do a complete divorce online, both spouses’ must agree to participate in hearings to the satisfaction of the court. Online Divorce forms are downloadable from several internet sites at affordable fees. Some websites may even offer Online Divorce forms free of charge. Be cautious, however, with the free sites as some of them could be scams that cause viruses and provide bogus documents. It is recommended that you get the paid forms to avoid possible issues.

Cost of Divorce

cost of divorce
The amount of help needed determines the cost of divorce. A lot of hardships during the process could result in pressing financial difficulties. The longer the divorce process takes, the more costly it can become, especially when employing advisors and attorneys since they are often paid by the hour. You must try to get the best possible deal when hiring advisors and attorneys.

Both of the spouses may decide in favor of hiring the same and best lawyer. This is a good idea when trying for an inexpensive and cheap divorce as you would each be paying half of the charges cutting the expenses in half for each party. Hiring one lawyer reduces the overhead charges since it means half the telephone calls, half the memos, and half the office meetings.

Another way so substantially lower expenses is to resolve issues in mediation. A mediation lawyer remains neutral and brings a mutual and liveable settlement between the two parties. Most cases eventually end in a settlement, so it should be your goal from the start to work towards a settlement that will satisfy both parties. Very few cases (less than 5 percent) may go for litigation. It is advisable to hire one expert lawyer instead of a separate lawyer. This would be reducing the cost of divorce substantially.

Filing for divorce

All requisite information on the marriage needs to be tabulated in the divorce application forms. Information regarding present living arrangements, debts and assets, children from the marriage, and the specific grounds for seeking the divorce must be included appropriately. The divorce forms should then be duly filed with the help of a lawyer in the appropriate court.

Once both parties agree on all significant issues of separation, the divorce settlement can be completed relatively quickly. The most important thing to remember is that both parties have to live happily after the settlement of the divorce.


Finally, remember to stay up to date on all the details of the divorce to improve your chances of resolving the matter quickly with the best results. Keep yourself informed and educated about all aspects of the process, especially concerned issues of the divorce settlement. A good lawyer can help bring the desired fruitful results so that you come out happy in the end.

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