This Is Halloween: 8 Effective Tips on How To Decorate Your Home

tips to decorate home for halloween
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Halloween is an amazing holiday that many kids and adults love to celebrate. This is the time when you can show all the hidden features of your personality in the form of costume and decorations. If you need a little help, check these eight effective tips on how to decorate your home for Halloween.

1. Paper decorations

The most affordable and simple way to decorate the glass entrance ways, windows, walls, and ceiling is to cut figures from colored paper and cardboard. You need a bat, ghost, or pumpkin template, colored paper, scissors, and double-sided tape.

The basic pattern can be printed or drawn by hand. You just need to cut it along the contour and make many copies. The more figures you hang, the more effective the result will be.

Garlands are a universal decoration for any occasion and Halloween is not an exception. You need to cut out evil spiders, skulls, bats, and funny ghosts.

2. Pumpkins

The pumpkin is deemed to be the main symbol of Halloween. You can create lanterns, funny figurines, and even dishes for a festive table from it. Making an average pumpkin lantern can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the complexity and your imagination:

  • Cut off the pumpkin lid, open it, and take out the core
  • Draw a scary or funny face on the pumpkin with the help of a marker or attach a pattern
  • Cut it with a sharp small knife
  • When the face is ready, place the candle inside
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If the bottom of your pumpkin is uneven, place a saucer on it and the candle will not fall. Such a lantern will not last long, especially when it is warm and it is better to carve pumpkins right before the holiday.

3. Lanterns and candlesticks

You can make lanterns not only from pumpkins but from many other things. Glasses, jars, cup holders, cans, and even vases are a good base for various lanterns and candlesticks.

To make a candlestick that resembles a pumpkin, you need a glass vase or glass and paper in yellow and orange paper. Cut out a scary or funny face from the orange paper with the help of a stencil. Then we wrap the vase or glass with yellow paper and then add an orange paper.

4. Ghosts

Along with pumpkins, ghosts are also a must-have during Halloween. You can decorate your house with flying ghosts that can hang from chandeliers, ceiling, doors, and trees in the yard. You need cheesecloth and starch mixed with boiled water. Cut out a piece of cheesecloth, soak it in liquid starch, put it on a light bulb or balloon, and draw eyes or scary faces.

5. Bloody candles

You can easily make bloody candles from regular white and red candles. Light a red candle and wait for the wax to melt. After that, pour the red wax on top of the white candle. You can also use black or orange candles as a base.

6. Spider web

The web is among the best ideas for decorating a house for Halloween. Such decoration is suitable for walls, corners, and even tables. The web can be purchased at specialized stores or you can easily make it from knitting threads. The accessory can be completed with spiders cut from cardboard or made of black wire.

7. Witch’s legs

halloween witch legs
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To make witch’s legs it is better to use old shoes with pointed toebox or buckled shoes. Make a filler for your feet with the help of multiple pairs of twisted socks or long balloons. Place your socks or balloons into knee-high socks and put your shoes over them. You can hang such a decoration on the door or put it on the table in a flowerpot.

8. Balloons

Another simple way to decorate your house for Halloween and create the right mood is to hang orange balloons around the house. You can try to draw funny (or scary) faces on them with the help of a regular black marker. You can also buy a set of stickers with bats and other holiday symbols.

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