Five Questions to Ask Before You Choose Film Developing Services

In today’s world, the methods of film development are unique and easier than before. You do not necessarily require a darkroom to develop your film. You can either hire a professional film developer or opt for an online film developing service.

questions to ask before choosing film developing services
Developing a film is a creative task and requires a lot of innovative skills to frame the scenes. Also, it requires diligence and the ability to edit the frames manually. If you are new to developing and have no idea how to make your film look promising, then you must hire an experienced service provider.

Before you take the final plunge in getting your film developed, you must ask the following questions first.

How Much Time Will It Take to Develop the Film?

Your film has to undergo a lot of edits and settings to make it look convincing. You can also direct the developer for the desired results. Incorporating the changes and production turnaround usually takes 24 hours.

Also, developing and scanning along with proofing takes a minimum of 48 hours. In 72 hours, your film will be processed and developed as per your expectations. If there are any additional changes required, the turnaround times will change accordingly.

Do You Have Enough Experience in Developing Expired Films?

Outdated or old films have a shift in the colors and faded contrast. It usually happens due to the unprotected storage facility of the film. Plus, old films, if processed some ten years ago, will contribute to the damaged film.

Hence, before you hire a service, you must get clarity on these issues. Film developing for old rolls is a time-consuming process that requires experienced skills. Your film developer should be able to get rid of fog build-ups and the skewing of shades to develop a better film quality.

developing expired film

How to Share the Film for Developing?

There are various facilities through which you can get your film developed. You can either drop-by at the store or mail the film for developing. Some service providers offer free mailing labels through which you can order film processing online.

Once the processing is done, the service provider will ship it back to your doorstep. Also, you can collect the film at the store in person as well. As per your convenience, you can decide how to get your film to the developer.

Can you Push and Pull the Film?

Pushing and pulling are essential techniques in film development. If your film is underexposed, then you may need to compensate for the film by over developing it, which is known as a push process.

Similarly, pulling the film means if your film is overexposed, then you need to compensate for it by under-developing the film. These techniques are known only to experienced film developers.

What Type of Films Can You Process?

A majority of the film developers process most of the types that include black and white infrared, C-41, and E-6 slide infrared films. GEPE plastic mounts are known to carry 35mm slide films. The black and white films are mostly C-22 processed films. It will help if you are sure of what exactly you want your film developer to do.

Film development requires agility to bring the expected finishing. This is why some of the developers do not process Kodachrome, Disc Film, Triple Print, and AGFA Scala. You must be sure of which film you need to develop before hiring the film developing service.

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