Obvious and Subtler Benefits of Partnering with LeadsGate

benefits partnering with leadsgate
When trying to identify an affiliate program in the field of payday loans that would come with the greatest benefits, one would obviously think about the potential income as the primary area of concern. Indeed, there are significant differences in this respect between various affiliate programs with some being more generous than others. Besides the financial matter however, there are many other aspects of great importance to pay attention to.

Financial Aspects

LeadsGate is one of the loans affiliate programs in the United States of America with the top ranking and this is for a number of good reasons. In terms of finances, it provides a series of generous schemes to build up income:

  • maximum profit per lead;
  • bonuses for each loan taken by return clients;
  • payments for both accepted and declined leads (which are also higher when compared to the competition);
  • 5% of the revenue of other affiliates referred to the company.

All these aspects combined make it possible to not only get high profits but also to think in the long-term perspective. This refers especially to the possibility to get passive income from a number of sources. Thus, the fact that a certain number of return clients is almost guaranteed (provided enough leads are generated) will also guarantee a certain level of passive income, which is very important for fresh affiliates. Later, as operations extend, even more of passive income can be built by referring other partners to the program, allowing the original partners to feel the privilege of their long-term partnership status.

Other Aspects

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Despite the financial aspects, there are many others that can prove very important to affiliates. Some of the most important benefits offered by LeadsGate in this regard are:

  • flexibility with regard to the method of implementation on your website (API, JavaScript form, simple transfer of lead information, or just redirecting users from your website to the main mobile-optimized website of the company);
  • reports and analytics that can be obtained/generated in real time. This can allow an effective assessment of the productivity dynamics;
  • high-security communications and data processing (SSL encryption, confidentiality). Given the sensitivity of transferred data and the implicated risks, safety is of great importance;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • standard consultation with regard to loans;
  • the flexibility with regard to payment methods (the use of ePayments, PayPal, WebMoney, Wire Transfer).

Apart from this, it also counts that LeadsGate has an extensive network of lenders it partners with. This ultimately affects the rate of lead acceptance, given that not only a minority of profitable leads are selected, but rather each lead is given appropriate consideration (this can result in more return clients).

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To conclude, partnering with a top program such as LeadsGate would ensure that not only basic financial related matters are covered but also others aspects that relate to the quality of support and flexibility of collaboration.

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