12 money habits for saving
We all suffer from tough financial situations in different parts of our lives. Therefore it is important to spend wisely today to have a bright future. It is often frustrating to save in the beginning but not as difficult as they say. The most common problem with every working man and woman is to save adequate amount of money for a better tomorrow. So how do we get rid of overspending? We’re glad to have you here because we will guide you through some important habits which if you carve today, your future will be bright with a handsome amount of money in hand.

Keep in mind you’re not the only one who is trying to save money and finding it difficult. Stats suggest more than half Americans find it difficult to cover their bills and save. The first thing you need to do is to have a clear perspective on the reason for saving. Once you set your goals, the next thing is to carve good habits for saving more. Some of those important habits are:

1. Confront your bad habits

There are many bad habits which we all have. It is important to be true to yourself and talk things through to get a solution. People who drink a lot of alcohol and smoke cigarettes need to realize that they’re spending on something which is anyways not doing any good to the body. Therefore it is important to cut down the bad habits to reduce the expense which is bringing no good. Once you start cutting off the bad habits, your subsequent spending will eventually get reduced, thus increasing your savings.

2. Define your needs and wants

It is completely fine to shop from expensive brands but keep in mind there’s a difference between the necessities and luxuries. Necessities are important and mandatory whereas the luxuries cost a lot money and spending on them is not worth it. You cannot afford to buy everything you like despite the price. You must restrain yourself if you like to overspend on things you like. The best thing is to jot down the list of all the items you need in the first place and cut off all those items which you can easily live without. For instance if you have a smartphone already, why crave for an expensive iPhone so much?

3. Learn about setting SMART goals for yourself

Keep in mind saving without a need, or an intention won’t work at all. You need to set smart goals for yourself to have a perspective on the hard work you’re doing. However, just reciting happily is not something you should look forward to only. You should have an entire plan behind your back when you start ageing. There are many investment plans in which you can invest to have a better tomorrow. Some insurance companies provide saving plans for young people so that they can have a healthy life without any financial stress in the long run.

4. Learn the art of negotiation

There’s no harm in negotiating over the bills especially when it is your right to do so. If you have an internet connection from a top-notch company in town, you can always look forward to a cheaper package or bulk discounts. Just like that you also need to be wise enough when you’re shopping from outside. They say it’s a female thing to negotiate and bargain, but the truth is this is a universal art. Everyone should be confident enough to fight for their rights and have a strong voice. Saving your bills means you will have more money to save in the long run.

5. Be frugal with your cash

There’s no harm in spending money on something you like, but you need to be mindful when making some choices. We’re not suggesting you go the extra mile to save one dollar, but your spending patterns should be rational and planned. Suppose If you like to watch Netflix you can also start watching free videos on YouTube. Sometimes there are habits which we all have that are difficult to alter, but there’s no harm in giving yourself a wise shot when it comes to cutting down expenses.

6. Review your financial progress daily

They say you must check your financial progress every month; we suggest you do it every single day. You need to know about the money you have saved, and the progress will motivate you to save even more. There are many money tracking apps which you can use to keep a hold of your budget. They don’t just calculate the average amount of expenses done in a day but also provide ways with which you can save more. You must carve this habit to have a safety net for future.

7. Pack your lunch to save money

Do you have a habit of frequently eating from outside in office? This is the worst habit you could ever have. Not only are you spending a lot of money on processed meals but also causing massive damage to your health. Therefore it is crucial to be wise enough with spending. A $10 meal doesn’t mean a lot per day, but if you multiply it with the number of working days you have excluding the weekend, this means you’re spending whopping $2640 per year. If you save this money and start eating from home, wouldn’t it be a better option? Surely it would be. So you better ask your mother or wife to pack your food instead of eating from outside.

8. Look for suitable investment options

It is important to be a wise spender and investor in this day and age. An 8-hour shift should not be the only goal in your mind. You must comply with the modern standards of investing money wisely. If you are keen on starting your own business, you can do it by selecting the right business idea first. Many entrepreneurs start with earning from jobs and then save enough to start their own business. Apart from that you can also invest wisely in an insurance plan to save for future. However you need to be thoughtful before investing a lot of money in something you are skeptical about.

9. Decrease credit card spending

decrease credit card spending
This is perhaps the biggest toxic thing in this world which constantly encourages people to spend more. Having a debit card is another point for it cuts down the money you already have in your account. The problem with credit card debt is that it accumulates very fast and can make a person go bankrupt at the end of the day. Therefore you must limit your credit card purchase. There are many expenses with the credit card such as annual charges, interest rate, transactional fees, late debt payment charges etc. if you go bankrupt in the US you must consult Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney to get rid of the issue and claim discount in the debt amount.

10. Use coupon codes in all places

Don’t feel ashamed of using coupon codes or discounted tags in the market. Always be confident about yourself for the world will do nothing do for you. For some, it is a matter of self-respect which is why they refrain from availing such offers. The truth be told it is important to avail discounts in the real world for we are always splurging on luxuries all the time. Always comply with the social media profiles of organizations to check for discount codes and vouchers. Even if you save little money per week, it will eventually transition into a handsome amount at the year-end.

11. Use cash in hand only

If you have a habit of using a credit card very often, the best thing is to shrug it’s off and start using a debit card. Credit card debt is a notorious issue which stresses out millions of people every year. Prefer to pay in cash and make a planned decision when going out for shopping. If you don’t need extra $100 while taking kids out for dinner, put that money back home. Debt is the main reason why so many people are unable to save. However, once you start renting a car, purchase phone on instalments, our credit card frequently, there’s a lot to atone for.

12. Put money in the piggy bank

Sounds funny? Yes, it does work in this day and age. Remember the old days when you used to save money as kids? Bring those old days back and always have a piggy bank in the house. Though there are many options available in the market to save money, yet you can have your account in your house. Whatever change is left, put it in the box and have a habit of saving every single day. Say if you put $10 every day, you can save more than $3000 a year.


Lastly, if you carve the habits mentioned above, you can easily save good amount of money every year. We’re not suggesting you stop spending on the things you love, but you need to be mindful about your purchase. The truth about today’s market is that every company has top-notch marketing tools through which we all fall in the trap of spending on things which we aren’t supposed to be spending. Therefore it is crucial to beware.

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