how do the top car shipping companies work

The vehicle shipping industry has been on the scene and has grown to $13.3 billion in market size this 2022. Those who need to get a car across the country, but can’t afford to drive it to the destination themselves, are the primary customers of the industry. Often, these people have a long-distance move planned for their future.

How does the industry work, though? What services and policies do the top car shipping companies have in place to make sure your vehicle gets to your destination in safety? Read what we’ve prepared below to learn their inner workings and how they work today!

Shipping Options

To start, it’s best to learn how they ship cars from one place to another for example car transport sydney to perth what you need is their process of verification. How it often goes is the company will designate a shipping carrier to transport your vehicle. A boat, a truck, or a plane will take your car to the destination.

What best determines the carrier your car will be on is the shipping option you go for. Most of the top car shipping companies will offer three options to choose from.

Open Transport

Trucks and single-car trailers are often the carriers for open transport deliveries. Some trailers are even long enough to carry up to 12 vehicles at a time. It’s often the most affordable option, attracting many of the industry’s first-time customers.

Here, you can call the driver whenever you wish to check on the ETA of your vehicle. They drop cars in a secure location for you to visit and claim. It’s a great way to ensure nothing goes wrong before claiming your vehicle.

The only thing to note is that open transport deliveries expose your vehicle to the open air. Nothing comes between the car and the elements during its travel. Your vehicle can sustain damage from overexposure to the sun and such before it arrives at the destination.

Enclosed Trailer Transport

As the name suggests, this option encloses your vehicle in a protective container. It’s the best way to make sure nothing harmful comes to your car during shipping. Planes, ships, and trains are the go-to vehicles for enclosed trailer transport deliveries.

Car shipping companies offer this option if you have a specialty car to ship. These often cost more than open transport deliveries but are well worth the price increase. Your vehicle gets specialty treatment and will arrive at the destination in the same condition you had it shipped.

You’ll have to wait a lengthy period to claim your vehicle, though. Enclosed trailer shipping depends on the availability of carriers. The exclusivity of the demand can make pickups due for a longer period.

Door Front Delivery

Door front deliveries are special options offered by some companies under unique circumstances. The option doesn’t mean that they deliver directly to your doorstep, as it may sound. Shipping companies will instead drop the vehicle at the specified location and leave.

It’s a good option if you think you won’t be at the destination by the time they deliver. Door front delivery options also work to the benefit of the company. They no longer need to wait for someone to claim cars, allowing other deliveries to continue.

Factors That Determine Shipping Costs

Besides the shipping option you end up going for, other factors also determine the total shipping cost. Distance plays the biggest role as longer hauls will always cost more.

The best affordable car shipping company will charge less per mile if the destination is far. You only need to ask them for any special rates for long hauls.

Your car’s size and weight are also factors in the shipping cost. Bigger cars can make it more difficult for carriers to maneuver. Heavier cars also cause them to consume more fuel, making them more expensive to ship.

Where and when you’ll ship them can also cause prices to increase. Summer is the peak season for shipping, where prices increase by hundreds. Prices also rise during the holidays because of the limited availability of drivers.

Shipping to crowded cities may cause prices to increase, too. Door-to-door deliveries in these areas increase prices even more so. The tighter the location is, the pricier your bill will be.

Paperwork and Insurance

There’s little paperwork involved in shipping a vehicle. The most important one you get is the bill of lading. It details the carrier’s contents and their condition upon loading.

Keeping this document on you allows you to hold the company responsible for any damage sustained during the haul. Without it, you can’t claim compensation from their insurance policy, which you should receive a copy of before signing on with them.

However, certain situations limit the shipping company’s policies. These include “acts of God”, like hurricanes and tornadoes. These are beyond their control, making them exempt from coverage.

Some companies won’t cover things that you could have prevented yourself, though. For example, there are tons of ways for you to prevent UV damage to your car. They’ll often leave clients liable for not prepping their vehicles in advance.

You can avoid these cases by preparing your car before handing it off. Remove or secure all loose elements to prevent them from damaging the car during the trip. It also reduces the total weight of the car, helping lower shipping costs.

You can also choose your car shipping company carefully. Doing so means you need not bother with all these extra steps since your car will be in expert hands. Here’s a list of things you should find more information on before hiring any company.

Find the Top Car Shipping Companies Near You

Knowing what the industry entails will help you find the top car shipping companies in your area. Check them out first and see which you can rely on to get your vehicle to where you need it to be. Find the best car shipping company and enjoy your trip with peace of mind today!

Do you want to learn more about the industry and what else it can do for you? More of our guides can tell you what you want to know. Check them out and learn a thing or two today! BusinessAutomotive IndustryThe vehicle shipping industry has been on the scene and has grown to $13.3 billion in market size this 2022. Those who need to get a car across the country, but can’t afford to drive it to the destination themselves, are the primary customers of the industry. Often, these people have a long-distance move planned […]