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How Do You Identify the Ideal Palletizing Robot?

How Do You Identify the Ideal Palletizing Robot?

Implementing robots brings about saving money on work costs, which implies that these robots give an incredible quantifiable profit. As conflicting as they may seem, the human arm and the robotic arm are exceptionally similar and share standard highlights. They have identical center segments of linkages and joints.

In today’s industries, robots are utilized across all packaging regions, incorporating functions such as palletizing, boxing, and warehousing, among others. The resemblance to the human arm allows these machines to work through any challenge handed to them.

Usage of robotics in regions, such as assembling, pick and place and palletizing, gives a business the upper hand, which empowers them to expand the efficiency and nature of the item they produce.

A harmony between price, speed, and precision must be accomplished. This leads us to a conversation on the pointers you need to pay superior attention to while identifying a palletizing robot for your business.

Pointers for Selecting the Most Ideal Palletizing Robots

Maximum Speed for Your Application

It is significant to accomplish the fastest cycle times so you can pack more parts reliably. A robot maker will also make speed robots, high-speed robots, or ultra-high-speed robots on a budget. Clients pick robots dependent on their budgets and needed cycle times.

With cycle times over 15 seconds, the customer should choose the cheap speed robot. With cycle times of 12 seconds, the customer ought to pick a fast robot, and with a Cycle time of under 12 seconds, the customer should pick a super rapid robot. Cycle time, moreover subject to part profundity, size of the form, and the extraction strategy utilized.

Long-Term Reliability & Low Upkeep Costs

While selecting a robot, you ought to demand client references who will disclose to you how long their most established robot has been running, and the upkeep costs the robot needs. All around, constructed servo robots should work well for twenty or more years and have trivial upkeep costs of greasing drive mechanisms and linear guides.

On occasion, they are huge contrasts in the nature of parts, which is reflected in the robot’s cost. This implies that the price should never be a conclusive factor while deciding the quality of a palletizing robot.

Robust Build for Maximum Payload

Numerous robot producers cut costs by offering their customers robots with a lower payload. This suggests the servo engines confined in the robot have a lower limit. It would be best to use a robot with end-of-arm tooling since they are over the edge in terms of payload.

Additionally, use robots that have pinion and rack systems instead of belts. Belts utilized for robots contain rubber and iron, and like all elastic gear, they stretch over time and should be changed occasionally. Rubber routinely tears and requires substitutions. The upkeep expenses associated with rubber are also very high.

Adaptability & Ease of Use

A proper robot ought to have harmony between adaptability and convenience. The robot controller ought to be sufficiently simple to be used by a graduate or intern. An expert shouldn’t always be summoned to teach the robot once a new mold arrives in the company.

One of the advantages of robots in palletizing is adaptability. By fusing advanced mechanics, a line admin can easily and rapidly adjust a pallet’s shape by the press of a button. This process will take longer when done physically by an operator, and it will likewise be more difficult to execute.


A palletizing robot ought to be productive and thriving in the entirety of its tasks, for instance, pick and place functions. It should be able to carry out assignments with consistency and without exhaustion, unlike manual operators. These machines should also not cause harm to items when lifting them.

Final Thought

To sum it all up, you will most likely cross paths with palletizing robots in any industrial setting. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that businesses ensure that these machines meet the standards debated above to realize optimum performance from them.

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