Make Your Product Packaging Work for You

why packaging is important to your business brand image

Package carefully

With unboxing and unwrapping videos taking over the internet, it has never been more important to package your product perfectly.  Videos showing young people taking the time to study and rate packaging before tasking themselves with slowly unwrapping the product itself have become a sensation. To those manufacturers savvy enough to take advantage of this new fad, their packaging and product are being showcased to millions of potential buyers.

Unboxing should be an event

Anyone who owns an Apple product will recall the joy of opening the box for the first time. This pleasure does not happen by accident. The marketing team at Apple work hard to ensure the box opens in the same way for every client.  The product is held perfectly in place, without the need to scramble around for scissors or a screwdriver to release it from its cradle. Leaving you to relish the moment.

See your packaging as a branding opportunity

The proper packaging can showcase your product, from fully branded custom printed mailer boxes to printed mailing bags; you can call out your message to prospective clients from the shop shelves before they even have their hands on your product. Printed plastic or jute bags are also a great way to get your branding across to those who have yet to experience your product.

Protect your product by choosing the right packaging

Choosing suitable packaging helps to keep your product intact during transportation and free from contamination. If you have a food item, such as a bakery or deli product, plastic printed food packaging can be a helpful way to include vital product information without the need to fully box each item. This will also save you space on the shop floor and in storage.

If you have a fresh product, such as a handmade cosmetic or food item, picking a plastic wrapper can also help to prolong shelf life.

Make an impression

impressive packaging
Choose packaging that shows your product at its best; if it is a work of art in itself, why box it in? Choose clear plastic packaging or a simple ribbon and tag instead to showcase your product.

Lastly, keep it consistent.

Whichever packaging option you decide on, from simple plastic wrappers to luxury boxes, choose the packaging that adheres to your brand guidelines, keep your branding consistent, and you can’t go far wrong.

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