The Importance of Font in Today Modern Web and Print Media

How can something so small and so vague be a point of discussion? A font is everything from representing the brand, attracting eyes and increasing readability. iPhone uses a smartly designed font that increases its boldness as it gets smaller and decreases on increasing font size. The smartly designed font comes in handy for all viewing eyes as it’s a combination of ‘Helvetica Neue’ and ‘Helvetica Neue Ultralight’. So coming to visualization of ads or billboards or logos etc.… font is the major league along with right color combination and size. The importance of font is in every text that our eyes fall on. Categorically, fonts matter from ads to the web, from branding to corporate, phone to cinema and from resume to the gravestone.

Fonts in Corporate

There are a particular set of typefaces that are used in business communication. The reason being the content when printed and its consumption of papers and ink. This might sound too tiny for a text or letter, but consider a firm with loads of paper work day in and out. “Century Gothic” can save 31% of ink over Arial, for the same size of text when printed. Moreover, it consumes 1.52% pages lesser when compared to print in Arial font. Moreover, Times New Roman consumes 1.43% less ink than Arial. This sounds too small, but for a company printing hundreds of pages a day, can save tens of thousands on ink, by just changing the font.

font save money

Garamond is another font which eats very less ink and looks neat and sharp at the same time. Today, as technology progresses, modern fonts can calculate the amount of ink and pages a content might consume when printed. Furthermore, there are ‘ecofont’ available which are smarter than the standard typefaces and fonts that are being used. These EcoFonts are fonts with holes in them, yes, you read it correct. Tiny holes that are not visible to the naked eye, making no difference in the reading and yet saving a ton of ink.

Fonts on Web Page

Web page fonts are for creating reader or user’s impression about the website. The designers carefully decide on what area or title, or tab should have which font. The fonts make the design sleek, neat and comfortable to the eye. If too much of bold and sharp fonts are used, they strain the eyes after a certain amount of time.

The quality of modern fonts plays a major role here, for a catchy one-liner or passage to stand out, a different font or typeface is used to stand out. This makes the particular information more highlighting, crisp and gives more stress on important areas. Furthermore, TrueType Fonts are used on the web pages as they help in proper visualization when the web page is printed. It gives a smooth display irrespective of the print size. They are preferred as the operating systems support them without any hiccup.

As we know that in the visible spectrum, the wavelength of the color red is the highest and hence used for sign boards for a striking visibility. Similarly, blue has the least wavelength and hence doesn’t harm the eyes even after looking for a longer duration. The mind doesn’t perceive it as pain to the eye, but as pleasure, as a comfortable visibility. Due to the science in modern fonts, website developers are very much aware of the color they choose for their website overall and in pointing to important information. The background color also works with same physics and so is their combination.

The same concept of fonts, typefaces, size, color, background color and all their blends are applied to the designing of logos, advertisements, and billboards. Many of the companies like Microsoft, Google, IHOP, Verizon, Facebook, Spotify, Lenovo, and many more, have redesigned their logos and fonts i.e. a brand re-new of their brand loyalty.

microsoft new logo

After 25 years since 1987, Microsoft came up with their new logo to make their brand more decent, acceptable, clear and comfortable to improve the brand impression when it came out with the Microsoft tablets and phones. It has improved the readability of the brand. Modern font giant, Google, has come to ‘Sans Serif’ typeface which eliminates shadows and increases space by bringing alphabets more close. This has significantly increased the legibility of the brand as they had the plan to drop onto ‘Google Now’, ‘Google Assist’ and on smart watches with the comfortable ‘G’ to tap on.

The modern fonts are the next big thing. Popularly used by Designers, Prints, Web Designers, and Graphic Designers; these modern fonts are set profoundly for the requirements like headlines, body, simplicity, ink saver, print materials, newsletters, catchy lines, and whatever the need be.

The top 5 modern fonts with great strengths and usability are:

  1. Code Pro: An elegant, completely straight to the point modern font, offering clear-cut edges to the design. Well suited for logos, prints, and posters for proper readability. It was designed by SvetoslavSimov.
  2. Gabriel Sans: Inspired from the font Grotesk coupled with elegance and style, this gives looks that of a modern font and a classic, in one. It comes in 6 weights with height and italics in parallel. Best used for typesetted text and business logotypes.
  3. Quadon: Quadon gives the most modern font look you need with its flexible forms and clean edges making it simply beautiful. Designed by Rene Bieder, this font has various alternate glyphs along with lovely typographic features, best suited for design layouts.
  4. Seaside: A perfect modern font for professional text layouts, comes with abundant of font weights, which gives the classy and clean look by its thick and thin letter mixture. It can be used for any layout.
  5. Benton Sans: Design by Tobias Frere-Jones and Cyrus Highsmith in 2000, this font is the top professional looking modern font with clean edges suitable for publishing magazines, prints, newsletters and more. There are numerous weights to pick from whose letter spaces complement one another.

Final Conclusion

Whether you are a designer or architect, student or manager, or any other profession, first understand what you are trying to convey. Neither the reader should squint their eyes in order to read the text nor should they miss out the highlights of the information. Once you have drafted your content, better take a professional’s opinion or even a friends’. Make sure you see through the eyes of the reader. Know that there are over 1400+ popular, modern fonts to choose from, so you are never out of options.

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