5 Tips for Promoting Your New App

tips to promote new app
Whether you have built an app to augment a business or your business is your app, if you want people to download it, then you will need to promote it. Promoting an app might seem difficult at first, but it is easy when you know where to begin.

Flesh Out Your Website Landing Page

When anyone searches online for information about your app, they should be taken to a website with a properly fleshed-out landing page. Your landing page is what creates the initial impression of your website in customers’ minds and it should convey as much information to them in as short a space as possible. Ideally, you should be able to break your app down into a single sentence that both sells it to a viewer and also explains to them what it does.

If your app is integral to what your business does, it might make sense to make it the focal point of the splash page to your main website. However, if your app is there to augment a wider business, and it makes more sense to use a separate page elsewhere as the landing page for your app, you don’t have to use your main landing page. Whenever anyone clicks on a link to your app from anywhere on the internet, they should be taken directly to a landing page produced specifically for your app.

Add a Blog to Your Website

Adding a blog to your website is a great way of accomplishing a number of different objectives, each of which leads to more traffic to your website and more exposure for your business and app. First of all, a blog is a great way of enhancing the SEO for your website, boosting its prominence in search engine results and making it easier for both new and existing users to find your app’s website when they need to.

add blog for app info
Adding a blog to your site adds to its value and gives your users a reason to keep coming back for more. This presents you with a prime opportunity to expose them to your other products and services, if you have any. Furthermore, it gives other websites more of a reason to link to you, improving your SEO and your general exposure.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is often wrongly written off as being an outdated method with little relevance to the modern market. On the contrary, email marketing still has a lot of potentials, especially if you have the right tools to manage it. When it is used properly, email marketing enables you to prolong customer engagement with your brand and keep your most loyal customers up to date with the latest developments in your business.

The most difficult part of email marketing is getting the email addresses to use. People are much warier about giving their email addresses out today than they used to be, as we are now much more aware of all the ways in which an email address can be misused. However, this is also something of an advantage because it means that those who do sign up for email updates are more likely to be interested in your business and will be more receptive to any marketing that you send out to them.

It helps enormously to have the right tools in place to help you manage the large number of email addresses you will want to collect to form the backbone of your campaigns. Mailchimp has historically been the most popular choice for this, but it is a bit expensive for small businesses. Sendinblue is able to achieve virtually the same thing as a fraction of the price. Sendinblue provides a handy comparison page that goes into more detail about the differences between the two.

Use Social Media

use social media to promote mobile apps
Social media marketing is an essential tool for any business looking to market any product or service today. The main benefit of using social media to promote your app is that you will find it easier to target your marketing in your app’s specific niche. What’s more, your social media platforms are also the best arenas for an organic marketing and brand mentions. If you can get the right influencers talking about your app, you won’t need to do anything else.

Work with Reviewers

Generating positive reviews and other media relating to your app is a surefire way of increasing interest and growing your download count. It is worth working with select reviewers and other figures who will be able to review your app and promote it to a large audience. Providing them with access to review code and advanced warnings of any major updates ensures that they will be keeping your app fresh in their audience’s minds.

Final summary

Promoting an app doesn’t have to be more complicated than promoting any other part of your business. However, it is something that lots of businesses frequently get wrong, Choosing the right platforms and methods is half the battle, and the tips above are a great place to start.

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