San Diego Criminals Law and Lawyers

san diego criminals law and lawyers
Any Individual accused of a crime remains innocent except proven guilty, but you won’t be treated that way by the criminal justice system. At first, prosecutors and police will assume that you are guilty and will do everything in their power to ensure that you are convicted. That is why it is important to your freedom and liberty that you hire a San Diego criminal lawyer.

What is criminal law?

Criminal law is regarded as part of the law that is related to the forbidden conduct in society. When the San Diego government, for instance, takes certain steps to prohibit a particular action, they create crimes. Criminal law is the aspect of the law that is concerned with the enforcement of criminal law and guarding against accusations of a criminal law violation.

The aim of making certain laws is to protect society. Lawmakers normally pass a law with the mindset that it is for the good of society. Criminal law must not be impartial, it must be the same for everyone. Every crime comes with a maximum penalty.  That penalty is the maximum amount of time the yet-to-be-convicted Individual can spend in jail if he/she is found guilty. A criminal offense always comes with a penalty like fine, probation, etc. But one of the distinct characteristics of criminal law is that whoever perpetrates the criminal office is likely to spend time in prison.

In the United States generally, all levels of government ranging from the local government, the state government, and the federal government, can make laws. A person who is charged with a federal crime will answer to such crime in a federal court. If a person is charged by a local government, he or she will have to file the paperwork in the right court and carry along with their own lawyer. For instance, if the local unit government of San Diego charges an individual to court on the grounds of a criminal offense he/she was alleged to commit, he/ she’ll have to bring a competent San Diego criminal lawyer to defend himself/herself in court.

what is criminal law
Citizen owns constitutional authority. No level of government can create a law that violates the right of an individual to be free of senseless seizure and searches. Law enforcement doesn’t have the jurisdiction to keep a person for an uncertain period of time. If you are to hire a competent San Diego criminal lawyer, then he must know how the constitution and criminal law meets. He/she must know the constitutional consequences of law as they carry out their duty and interceded for their clients to protect them and properly defend their constitutional authority.

Crime in San Diego and the punishment that comes are regarded as serious affairs; one treated with a high level of significance. The community put their trust in San Diego state prosecutors to intercede for the safety of the public. Also, defendants in San Diego depend on San Diego criminal lawyers to ensure that their rights are safeguarded and they also interceded on their behalf. That shows that criminal law is not only a high risks affair in San Diego but all over the world. Furthermore, if you were arrested but never convicted, you can get the services of an Orange County Expungement Lawyer to seal an arrest so that it doesn’t show up in any background checks.

There are specific lawyers in charge of criminal cases, these lawyers are called criminal lawyers. San Diego criminal lawyers can assist Individuals charged with certain criminal offenses. If you commit a criminal offense in San Diego, and you’re charged, you will fare well in court with the help of an experienced San Diego criminal lawyer. Hiring a proficient San Diego criminal lawyer will ensure that your legal authority is safeguarded and you have the opportunity to properly defend yourself against any charges leveled against you. Hiring a San Diego lawyer isn’t important, hiring the right San Diego criminal lawyer is because your whole life and probably that of your family depends on it. When selecting an attorney in California, there are several things that should be taken into consideration.

These are: area of expertise, geographic location, and even years in practice. Below are a few tips that could be helpful when searching for a professional San Diego criminal lawyer.

Search online

questions you should ask during the initial consultation
The best way to start your search for a San Diego criminal lawyer is to make use of various search engines like Yahoo, Google, etc. A lone search can result in thousands of outcomes. You can cut down your search by making use of keywords and phrases.

Legal directories

You can make use of this medium to locate Criminal lawyers in San Diego. Legal directories are quite similar to search engines, the only slight difference is that the search results aren’t restricted to lawyers alone. San Diego criminal lawyers always list themselves on these legal directories assist them in meeting potential clients.

Some common legal directories which clients and San Diego Criminal lawyers are Avvo, and Findlaw. You can also begin from the popular customer-review website like Yelp.


If you are looking for a professional San Diego criminal lawyer, Avvo can be of great help. The website basically requests that you input the type of lawyer you are on the lookout for, and also your location. Press “Search” and you’ll be connected with lawyers that fit your requirements. Avvo will offer you everything about the attorney ranging from reviews, ratings, and any other disciplinary record that is available. You even have the opportunity to compare diverse San Diego criminal lawyers in your vicinity.


This website provides you with the opportunity to search by state, city, and/or legal problem. When you are connected with the right San Diego criminal lawyer is going your vicinity, you’ll have access to their bio-data such as their contact info, biography, etc. This platform also has a review system that you can use to scrutinize the attorneys before hiring them.

This website provides you with the rare opportunity of finding out what other lawyers think of a certain San Diego criminal lawyer you may be interested in. The search results will connect you with the right defense attorney in your vicinity and provide you with unlimited access to their bio-data. You can also take a look at reviews from other clients and attorneys.


This platform is technically not a legal directory, but it has turned out to be a common tool for matching clients and attorneys. As a resident of San Diego who is in search of a good San Diego criminal lawyer, you can begin your search via this platform. One of the downsides of this platform is that it doesn’t provide much information about attorneys. So once you locate the attorney you like, make use of other platforms to extract information about him/ her.

Online review

Several online searches of professional San Diego criminal lawyers may come with reviews penned down by clients whom they have worked with. You can search for “SAN DIEGO CRIMINAL LAWYER”, use this review as a guide when selecting a San Diego criminal lawyer. Ensure you meticulously look at each so as to know the attorney that is best for you.

Most significant of all, ensure that you consider all that the review entails. When a certain takes his time to pen down a review about a particular lawyer, they are doing so for a good reason. They may have been glad about the services they rendered or it might be the other way round. Carefully reading through these reviews can help you have a better understanding of the lawyers you intend to work with. When hiring a San Diego criminal lawyer, you would want to ensure that whoever you select is trustworthy. Online reviews help you ascertain the trustworthiness of a certain attorney.

California State Bar

Immediately you have selected a few San Diego criminal lawyer, we recommend that you make use of the California state bar website to search for each attorney. This website will offer you current and confirmed contact info including the disciplinary record of the attorney.

Questions You Should Ask During The Initial Consultation

San Diego criminal lawyers generally provide a pro bono consultation for potential clients. This gives you the opportunity to meet with several attorneys and carry out a search in the flesh. When you ask the appropriate questions, you’ll get the answers you need concerning an attorney and it could help you ascertain if he/she is the right choice for you.

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Questions you might want to ask a San Diego criminal lawyer during your first consultation are:

  • Have you handled similar cases like mine? If yes, how many?
  • What were the outcomes of those cases?
  • For how long have you been a law practitioner?
  • Which law school did you attend?
  • Did you specialize in any other law?
  • How many cases have you taken to trial?
  • How many jury trials have you come out victorious?
  • Has the California state bar ever disciplined you?
  • What is the rate of your charges?
  • Can the charges be dropped based on the information i have provided you with?

What San Diego criminal lawyers do?

San Diego criminal lawyers counsel clients on steps to take regarding certain criminal charges leveled against them. They also inform them of the results of a particular action.

A San Diego criminal lawyer assist their clients in understanding how their actions may end up breaking a criminal law. A defense lawyer may assist their clients in properly understanding if a suggested course of action is a crime.

you are being faced with certain criminal charges, regardless of how small it is, do not hesitate to get help, if not, you may be jeopardizing your future. Hire a professional San Diego criminal lawyer to help you interceded on your behalf so you don’t spend a huge chunk of your life behind bars.

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