Worldwide Wisdom – 7 Universal Problems and How to Solve Them

universal problems and how to solve them
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If you’re anything like my friends and I, then time is the enemy. There is not enough of it in the day. Juggling friends, family, a job, sometimes two jobs is hard enough. There are a few little things which can make life so much better and that much easier that it’s a wonder we hadn’t thought of them sooner.

In this article, we give you 7 problems we have all had and the solution to them.

  1. Whether you’ve got a house or an apartment, chances are it needs to be cleaned pretty regularly. Well, it should be cleaned pretty regularly. But who likes cleaning? Whizz are an Australian cleaning company who I see as the Uber version of cleaning. They specialize in end of lease cleaning in Australia, but you can also hire these guys for home cleaning. Where were these guys when I needed my last end of lease clean? You can just download their app and you’re on the way to stress free cleaning. It’s that simple.
  2. I stumbled across these adorable $2.80 hand warmers from Daiso which is a variety store from Japan. You get 16 individual hand warmers per pack. They’re just bigger than a tea bag. You crush them up in your hands and get an awesome mobile heat pack. We all get cold in winter, but this will keep everyone toasty.
  3. With all the local spots you love, Uber Eats has revolutionized take out. No longer do you need to have McDonald’s or ponder what to make for dinner. The selections are endless. Some of your favourite restaurants are bound to deliver through Uber Eats. It brings the restaurant to you and is perfect for those nights where you crave a high quality meal but can’t be bothered dressing up and leaving the house.
  4. A long day at work or college and your favourite piece of technology is nearing the end of its battery life. What to do? A universal USB mobile phone car charger is the answer. You can get these super cheap off e-Bay with 2 USB cable slots. You can charge a mobile and a tablet at the same time if you wanted to. They’re awesome, affordable and compact.
  5. If you don’t commute by car, a mobile power bank will do the trick. You can even buy these from grocery stores nowadays that is how popular they’ve become. These power banks are also great because they meant you don’t have to be chained to the computer or wall socket whilst you’re charging. A big tick from me.
  6. There is no need to fumble at your front door late at night anymore. Everyone should have a keyring flashlight. They’re compact and come in a range of colours. They are long lasting and mean that you don’t have to scratch at your lock and damage the integrity of your keys.
  7. Google Chromecast is the size of a hockey puck and plugs straight into your TV’s HDMI port. You can watch Netflix, YouTube and Google Play without a fuss. They make a handy gift and are very affordable. It means you can watch your favourite shows on the big screen and do away with laptops and tablets which will enhance your viewing experience.

    google chromecast

It is no surprise technology dominates the things that we can’t do without.

It is the little things like that seamless end of lease clean or mobile power bank which can make the world of difference in our chaotic lives.

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