The Creative Evolution of iPod

the creative evolution of ipod
The first iPod was released in 2001. The portable media player has transformed over the years by offering many new features and different iPod types. It has taken the world of entertainment to new heights. The product is designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The media player is unique from its inception and it is hard to imitate the product because of its innovative features, durability and performance. Even though iPhone had taken over as the music device, the beginnings are always associated with the iPod. It is also one of few gadgets that make people’s life easier.

1st generation iPod

The first version of iPod was released on October 23, 2001. The Mac version of iTunes was released after eight months. iPod was introduced during the days when phone and music device were presented separately. The classic version of iPod comes with 5GB or 10GB space. It has 10-hour battery life. The first generation offered operation with a push button.

2nd generation iPod

The second generation of iPod was released 8 months after the release of the first generation iPod. The device was available in 10 GB and 20GB capacity. However, there is no improvement in the life of the battery.

3rd generation iPod

With the introduction of the 3rd generation iPod, users took advantage of the touch interface. The iPod was introduced in 2003. It has various hard-disk space offers including 10GB, 20GB, 30GB and 40GB. The size of the device was small and it is made with lightweight materials. The iPod facilitated the connectivity with dock connector. However, the battery life was just 8 hours.

iPod Mini

There were two versions of iPod Mini. One version was released in January 2004 and another version was released in February 2006. The storage space offered by the iPod Mini is 6GB and it is available in candy color. The size of iPod Mini is very small.

4th Generation iPod

The 4th generation iPod was introduced in July 2004. It was available with 20 GB and 40GB hard-disk space. It was the first iPod which introduced to the USB connectivity. The battery life was enhanced to 12 hours.

With the launch of the new model in October 2004, the storage space of iPod was increased to 60GB. The battery life offered by the product is 15 hours. Photo viewing and color display capabilities were presented with the 4th generation iPod.

iPod Shuffle

iPod Shuffle was presented in January 2005. No screen was presented with the device and you should want to select the song randomly. You can skip tracks with the forward and backward touch controls. The shuffle was available with 512 MB or 1GB flash memory.

iPod Nano

The iPod Nano was available in Black and White colors. It was the replacement for iPod Mini. It supports up to 8GB flash memory.

5th Generation iPod

5th generation iPod was released in September 2005. It was available in 30GB and 60GB models. The model was available in White and Black colors. With the introduction of a new version, the storage space was increased to 80GB. It facilitated the users to hear 20 hours of music and 6 hours video playback.

2nd Generation iPod Nano

The 2nd Generation iPod Nano was released in September, 2006. The maximum storage space provided by the iPod Nano was 8GB. The product features more number of colors and aluminum casing. Users could take advantage of 24 hours of music playback.

2nd Generation iPod Shuffle

The handling of the 2nd generation iPod Shuffle was made easy with the provision of the clip. It can be used without any case. It came with a smaller body and facilitated up to 2GB storage space.

6th Generation iPod

The 6th generation iPod was released in 2007 and 2008. It was available in silver and black colors. With the 160GB storage space provided by the manufacturer, user can store thousands of songs and videos.

3rd Generation iPod Nano

The 3rd generation iPod Nano was released in September 2007. The device was treated to produce attractive features and it was smaller than earlier versions. It was available in various colors and has 8GB of storage. It has 2 inch QVA screen as well.

iPod Touch

The iPod Touch was introduced in September 2007 and it had Wi-Fi and multi-touch interface. The devices allowed the purchase of apps and it has the photo capabilities as well. The storage capability of the device is 32GB. The product was released again in 2008 and 2009. It was available in matte color. The Nike+ integration and 64GB of storage are the great options.

4th Generation iPod Nano

The Nano was completely overhauled in September 2008. Along with number of color options, new features were introduced to make it the most attractive gadget in the market. The new features include aluminum casing, accelerometer and storage space (16GB). Firewire cables are used for charging and it facilitates USB interface.

5th Generation iPod Nano

It was released in September 2009. There were no changes in the outward appearance. New additions include video recording, many color options and photo viewer.

3rd Generation iPod Shuffle

It was introduced in September 2009. The storage space is extended to 4GB and it has a tall body.

4th Generation iPod Touch

It was introduced in September 2010. It has a slim body and two cameras which support innovative features including Retina display, iCloud, and iMessage. The product was available in White color and it was launched in October 2011.

5th Generation iPod Shuffle

There were few changes in controls and the 5th Generation iPod Shuffle was made available in five colors.

6th Generation iPod Nano

The product was launched in September 2010. There was great change in the appearance. It was small in size and light in weight. The click wheel was discontinued and the touch screen was continued.

5th Generation iPod Touch

It was released in October 2012. The product features Siri functionality and iOS 6 operating system. It has HD flash camera and 4” display.

7th Generation iPod Nano

You can play music with any compatible device as the iPod Nano has Bluetooth connectivity. It was released in September 2012. With 2.5” screen and 16GB storage space, the gadget offers awesome features.

In The End

ipod classic revolution
The classic version of iPod was discontinued in 2014. The most recent iPod redesign was announced on July 15, 2015. The current versions are iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, and iPod Touch.

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