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Online platforms are essential to all businesses and having a website is at the core of web presence. To run a website and keep it online you need a reliable web hosting service. If you are wondering what is Web hosting? then the simplest answer is, web hosting is where your website will sit on the Internet. Web hosting enables you to put your entire website content up on the internet allowing everyone to view what you uploaded, whether it’s a professional website, a blog, or just some pictures. But the challenge is finding the appropriate hosting service. Now another choice to make: Which one to go with – VPS hosting or Dedicated hosting.

Nowadays, you’ll often stumble upon deals on cheap dedicated hosting under $100, with the server specification are better than your usual virtual private server, like more memory ram, better cpu power, more disk space allowed and many more deals features. You’ll be temp to select the cheap dedicated server for your hosting.

The hidden fact of cheap dedicated server hosting?

hidden fact iconAlthough dedicated servers continue to remain the most popular way to host websites, they do have a lot of drawbacks. Understanding these issues is crucial for those interested in purchasing a dedicated hosting plan. A dedicated server is fully dedicated to one or more websites owned by the same individual or company, and it is more complicated than other types of server. Setting up, maintaining and repairing such a server can be a big challenge for website owners. Often, security issues demand a full on Database Management System or encryption utility. Thus, it is important to have a good understanding of site building and the complex technology involved in it.

Need Server Management Knowledge

If you are not familiar with administering a server, a cheap dedicated server can be very confusing and hard to understand. In order to establish a dedicated server and manage a website that is hosted on it, you need to have extensive networking knowledge and skills. Some of the things you have to be familiar with include IP routing, server mechanisms, MX records and others. This may prove to be very time consuming sometimes. If you choose to hire somebody to do it for you, you will need to pay them, which means that you will also incur certain maintenance costs that you would not ordinarily incur with shared hosting. If you do not have an IT staff, whoever works on the hosting end of your business will not have as much time for other tasks.

Mostly UnManaged Hosting Plan

One of the potential disadvantages to dedicated hosting is that you will be responsible for maintaining the server. You will need to configure or provide security measures to protect your server and data. And you yourself will be responsible for performing server backups. If you have a good host this is not much of a problem. However, if you would select a host that is not so good you could lose data or have a service that does not perform as well as expected for the cost. Besides, when a dedicated server crashes, it is very difficult to fix.

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Downtime is another issue if you are using a dedicated hosting. If you make a mistake on a dedicated server, you can cause the server to crash, necessitating rebooting. This means that your site will be inaccessible until it has completely rebooted. If you are not familiar with how to handle rebooting and running a server, this can be very frustrating.

Lack of Free Scripts Resource

free script iconAnother downside to dedicated hosting is the lack of free scripts and other additional features that those on a shared server have access to. It comes with a lot fewer features than a shared server hosting. In shared server hosting, many hosting companies provides a lot of features and add-ons. But in dedicated server hosting, you are expected to have and install your own application in to your server. This again can come back to how tech savvy you are, so again, just check what features you’ll be getting with your server.

Impossible to Upgrade

If you are planning to opt dedicated server hosting then another disadvantage comes along with it is; capacity restrictions. In Dedicated Server Hosting you cannot simply increase your hardware or memory capacity. Dedicated servers do not offer too much flexibility that is if you bought a simpler dedicated service and then you want to go to a higher you need to buy more hardware or another server. This consumes a lot of time and requires patience while getting them arranged.

For dedicated hosting the web host’s help is extremely limited, and can impose additional fees if any task requires the help of support team. These fees can be very high if there is extensive support available. Hence, it is wise to understand every aspect of a dedicated server hosting package, as these issues are never mentioned in-details on the web hosting service provider’s sales pages.

Why VPS is better than cheap dedicated server?

On the contrary, with a reliable modern VPS server you will typically get modern hardware that will outperform any cheap dedicated server. By the time you pay management fees, you should be able to find a host that offers full management as part of their package. That way you do not have to worry about failing hard drives, etc on the older servers.

Another advantage of this system is its security. As individual servers are separated with each other, each website gets its own operating system and resources. This makes difficult for another server to invade the security. In addition modern VPS providers actively monitor its network and hardware your account relies on. This ensures the physical security of the server and also helps defend against virtual threats such as malicious software and DDoS attacks.

VPS hosting also offers a way to backup your data. Because anything could occur within the provider’s network. You choose a service that allows you to manually backup your own data to assure that it can be restored at any time. Besides root access will grant you with complete control over your VPS account. better result icon

The intrinsic purpose of web hosting is production of revenue, and the sole purpose of business web hosting is generation of profit. Thus, it has to be ensured that the web hosting method you are opting for will take into account your net monetary benefits as well, along with technicalities and specific facility required.

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Opting for a dedicated server involves thorough inspection of the exact needs and demands of your website. So before going for dedicated server hosting, check each FAQs and terms & conditions considering the drawback you have got.

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