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Anyone in today’s world can become the victim of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can be seen in different fields of life, regardless of the gender of the victim. Men and women suffer from sexual harassment. However, women have to face more sexual harassment, especially at the workplace.

Many people prefer hiring the attorney for filing a sexual harassment case. Fortunately, most of the states have made proper harassment recourse for victims of sexual harassment.

Sometimes, filing a case for sexual harassment is not just to punish the offending party. Rather, they prefer hiring the attorney for getting the compensation from the offending person.

How important is it to hire the sexual harassment attorney?

It should be kept in mind that the attorney for sexual harassment is not always hired for pursuing the charge. People also feel the need to hire the attorney in order to defend themselves when someone accuses them of harassment.

The victim of sexual harassment has to provide the nuances of the harassment according to which, his potential harassment case is prepared. Hiring the attorney enables the person to pursue the charges. It is very important for a person to hire the attorney for his case in order to get full compensation. One should be able to know how to find the best attorney for sexual harassment case.

Sexual harassment at workplace

Although different laws and policies have been formulated in an attempt to stop the incidences of sexual harassment from occurring, we can still see these cases around us. Sometimes, the employee has to file the case of sexual harassment against the employer. However, it is difficult to claim against the employer. Employees are often afraid to claim against the employer because he is not financially stable like the employer. Some employees are also afraid of more harassment as retaliation from the employer as a result of filing the case against him

It is important for an employee to hire the attorney that can help his client when he gets into this type of situation. The attorney should be able to handle the case of sexual harassment like a professional from the investigation of the case to the trial of the guilty person. Below are some tips that you can consider for hiring the attorney

1. Decide whether to choose a law firm or a solo practitioner

When it comes to choosing an attorney for the sexual harassment case, the person claiming has two options. He can either hire an attorney as a solo practitioner or a law firm. It completely depends on the needs of the person who he should hire.

Furthermore, hiring a solo practitioner costs less as compared to hiring the entire law firm. However, hiring a law firm is useful in some situations.

When the attorney goes on vacation, or he has to put off the case for a certain amount of time, the person filing the case may end up lacking the staff and support to fight for him. In that situation, hiring a law firm is useful. The law firm has a complete staff to deal with the case. There is a dedicated team of lawyers that handles the case with passion and interest.

It should be kept in mind that hiring the law firm is not necessary. One can easily hire a solo attorney to fight his case. The attorney to be hired should be able to fight for the rights of the sexual harassment victim.

2. Choose the experienced lawyer for your case

It is always recommended to choose the attorney who is well-equipped with the experience to deal with the sexual harassment cases. When you are in need to hire the attorney, make sure that you choose the one with the prior experience in the same field of law. The attorney must always possess the legal expertise with which he can deal with the legal case like sexual harassment.

An experienced lawyer can always align himself with the legal approach of his client. He may have gone through a similar situation as his client that will help him decide how to deal with that situation. An experienced attorney is also able to fight the case of his client.

In order to choose the experienced attorney, ask the following questions from him:

  1. How much experience he has in the field of law?
  2. Has he ever encountered the case like yours?
  3. How many times did he actually manage to pull off the case?

These questions will always help you perceive if the attorney you are going to hire is capable enough or not since not every experienced attorney has the potential to deal with your case.

If you choose to hire a law firm, make it clear to that firm that you need an experienced attorney. The law firm will manage to provide you with the team of lawyers who are capable of fighting the sexual harassment case.

3. Consider the type of fee the attorney charges

As an employee, it is quite possible that you have lost the job due to filing the case against your employer. Now, you may be in the financial crisis, and you don’t have enough money to pay to the attorney.

men sexual harassment workplace
In this situation, it is recommended to choose the attorney for you who do not charge you anything for reviewing your entire case. There are many lawyers available who don’t charge an initial consultancy fee. These lawyers charge their clients when the client decides to get the services of that lawyer.

4. Consider all the legal costs

When you are at the end of the rope, and you have to narrow down your search of the attorney, you will be required to consider the legal costs before settling on the attorney. It completely depends on you that how much you can afford to pay to your sexual harassment attorney.

The best way to consider the costs is to ask the lawyer for a quote. The fee charged by the lawyer could be contingency fee, hourly fee, future fee, etc. If the cost of the case is not affordable for you, you can choose another lawyer.

Sometimes, you will have to make a compromise on the high cost if you want to choose the attorney with experience and knowledge since most of the competent attorneys charge high. You should never be afraid of asking the potential attorney for the quote. Also, bring all the costs into writing in order to avoid disputes and surprises.

5. Check the compatibility of the attorney with your case

Choosing a trustworthy and honest attorney is very important since you have to deal with that person for a long period. Where you consider many factors before choosing the attorney, also consider the personal character of the attorney also.

Choose the attorney with whom you feel comfortable. You and your attorney should build confidence with each other so that you can share all the sexual harassment details with him. Furthermore, your relationship with your attorney should be based on respect. You both should respect each other.

6. Check the availability of the lawyer

Just like all the professional people, the attorneys with professional attitude also dedicate their time for their clients. Fighting the case of sexual harassment against someone is not so easy. One has to deal with all the intricacies of the case so that he can manage to pull it off. For this purpose, the lawyer is required to make time and go through the case thoroughly.

In order to check the availability, ask your attorney if he is ready to take on your case. Also, ask him if he will be able to pay genuine attention to your case or not.

Sometimes the attorneys will tell you that he has workload. In that situation, you will have to figure it out yourself whether he seems to be overworked or not. As a matter of fact, it is important for you to choose an attorney who can attend your case with complete determination and interest.

7. Consider your convenience

best tips find workplace sexual harassment attorney
Convenience is one of the most important factors to be considered while choosing the attorney. For example, consider the location of the attorney so that you can determine whether you will be able to arrange a meeting with him easily or not.

Also, ensure strong communication with your attorney. If the client can conveniently contact the attorney he has hired, he is more likely to be comfortable with the lawyer, which will consequently help him in winning the case.

No doubt, it is a very shocking and unpleasant experience to deal with sexual harassment at the workplace. Sometimes, a person gets so distraught that he does not find the way out and he does not know how to proceed with the case. Hiring the right sexual harassment attorney can help you get the compensation from your employer if he has made you go through the harassment.

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