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Hanfu is actually the traditional clothing of the Han people. The Han people and their culture existed even before the famous Qing dynasty. This Hanfu clothing is a pre 17th century traditional chinese clothing dress. It is characteristic of the Han dynasty and it depicts the enriched culture of china through the time.

The History Of Hanfu Clothing

Hanfu clothing appeared in china almost three thousand years ago. It was supposedly worn by the yellow emperor who has a great sage king of china. The Hanfu clothing was prepared and designed originally in the Shang dynasty. But as time passed by this traditional dress became a marker for the class differentiation. People having different ranks in their work would wear Hanfu clothing of different types which would represent his class.

With the advancement of technology, the Hanfu actually started becoming more and more complicated in its design. Finally, the Hanfu clothing disappeared with the beginning of the Qing dynasty. The Qing dynasty was formed by the non–Han people and so the culture and tradition of the Han people vanished with the emergence of the Qing dynasty.

The Qing dynasty was also replaced at a later time but the tradition of the Hanfu got lost in the span of time. Hanfu became very less popular as the Chinese civilization became more and more advanced.

How Does “Hanfu” Look Like?

Hanfu clothing generally consisted of a narrow cuffed, knee-length tunic again tied with an ankle-length, narrow skirt. Also, a fabric that reaches the length of the knee was worn along with the rest of the dress. Originally during the Han dynasty, the Hanfu cloth was made of silk material and was painted in red and green but with time there were some obvious variations to it.

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As mentioned above when the Hanfu dress became the sign of the class of the people, the design of the dress also changed accordingly. The decoration of the dress, the length of the skirt and the wideness of the sleeve were changed according to the ranks of the people. The Eastern Zhou dynasty also came up with their own version of Hanfu.

What Is The Hanfu Movement?

Hanfu movement started in the 21st century in China. It actually is the movement to bring back the Hanfu clothing style in china. This is a social movement that is trying to bring back traditional Chinese attire in fashion again. The Hanfu clothing faded away with the end of the Han dynasty and since then it was long forgotten until in 2003 Wang Letian wore an Han cloth in the streets of China. Since then may followers of the Han dynasty and the Hanfu clothing have come forward to bring this change in the country.

The Han dynasty and its clothing was the essence of the rich culture and tradition of china. Hanfu itself is representative of the cultural ethics and moral values which link each and every Chinese citizen inherently to their past and origin. It symbolizes the perfection of human nature and also characterizes the delicate balance of nature and human bond. The delicate design and clothing style of Hanfu was designed to have an ethereal experience surrounding the Chinese culture.

Effects Of The Hanfu Movement?

Since a lot of hype is created due to the continuous Hanfu movement in china, there are many minority groups in China who feel that their cultures are in danger. There are many Chinese minority groups who feel that they are being suppressed by the Han followers.

They’re afraid that there might come a time when these people have to give up their ethnic clothing only to accept the rules and dressing styles of the age-old Han dynasty. But the Han followers have said that nine if the minority groups have to worry about accepting the Hanfu style as they are not forcing anyone to accept the Han rules and regulations. This movement is just a symbolic movement to bring back the age-old culture and ethnicity of the Chinese tradition and Chinese people.

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The Blooming Business Of The Hanfu Clothing

With the controversy surrounding the Hanfu movement the Hanfu business in china which was kind of completely gone in the last century has bloomed up again. Due to the controversy, more and more people are following the Hanfu clothing and there has come up with many modern designs of the Hanfu.

Different people are coming up with different ideas of how they want to represent the Hanfu and as a result Hanfu business is expanding like never before. Most of the Chinese people have already started to wear the Hanfu and they are supporting this movement. Also at the same time citizens of the surrounding country are also getting aware of the movement and thus versions of Hanfu are quite celebrated in the fashion industry of the neighboring countries.

This particular movement as a certain pumper up the Hanfu economy of the country and will continue to do so in the future as well. As time is going by the Hanfu movement is becoming more and more vibrant and it is gathering more and more supporters. With the end of the 21st century, it can be well said that the Hanfu movement will reach its peak if it continues the same way and again the same age-old culture will come back again the lives of the new modern Chinese people.


With the advancement of science and technology, people generally tend to forget their origin and their cultural past. It is very commendable of the Chinese people who are still trying to hold up these values in the 21st century.

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It is very important to keep one’s country’s identity intact no matter how much advancement the country has faced. The Chinese people are right now doing the exact same thing. Although being best in the technology market they still want to hold to their three-thousand-year old culture. This serene mixture of technology advancement and historic culture has become one of the latest trademark things of china.

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