Clothes and Fashion – What Looks Good Today?

clothes and fashion what looks good today

The style of clothing goes side by side with fashion. It’s the artistic ability of a fashion designer to design the clothes and bring them out in front of others. This design then expands into society in no time. The styles we pose by wearing different brand names come into ethical luxury fashion. People from different parts of society bring out fashion styles and makes them an element of fashion in society. Hence it leads towards the development of the fashion industry.

We wear clothes to keep us warm and sometimes keep us from catching something from someone who is sick. Do you remember that in the fifties our mother would wear a dress and heels to clean the house? I know that, and I’ve always wondered how she stayed so clean. Fortunately, women don’t work anymore, but the clothes today are a fashion statement to some, to others, it’s just clothes on their backs.

Men and women wear suits to work that just looks uncomfortable, but they must be worn, it is certain that when they get home, they put on jeans and tee-shirts. Depending on where you live, you will dress dressed for the climate. You certainly want to wear custom sweaters during the summer. In the south, women wear comfortable cotton dresses and still do today, which makes so much sense seeing their website is awful. Cotton breathes; that’s why it’s cool on the body.

Where the teens and teenagers of today get their fashion sense, I will never know. They come up with some of the most outrageous clothing I’ve ever seen. Usually, they wear jeans and either a shirt or t-shirt that has some nice saying on them.

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I suppose everything is fine, but I would like to see them dress up when they go to dinner with their parents. I think their thinking is that what they are wearing allows them to be accepted by their peers. Back in the day, it was a skirt and blouse and on rare occasion pants, but it had to be a three-piece suit, with the vest and everything else and this was in public schools, and not private that had uniforms. All right, I’m coming out with me, but kids always look good and clean.

The way I approach clothes and fashion is that when I’m comfortable, my clothes are pressed and clean, I am doing alright. No more than three inches high heels to work, no more girdles underneath or even pantyhose, what a pain those all wear. I don’t care for running suits; since I don’t run why wear them? With today’s styles, materials and design, you can look like a million dollars and still be comfortable. So dress the way you want to but please dress nicely too.

Clothes can be considered the most important aspect of today’s society. To imagine living without clothes would be impossible for us. From our existence and history that we know of, clothes have always been around. Only trends have changed.

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