7 Incredible Facts About Women Owned Businesses

Women have ventured out of the house in the past century. They are no longer confined to just cook, clean and keep the house. They have become more involved and proactive in the business field as well as in other fields of interest where it used to be only the men excelled in. Running a business requires discipline, determination and focus in order to succeed. Over the last few decades men-owned businesses were the norm, and very few women ventured into the industry.

Women Business Owners is Increasing

But these last few years, women have finally broken the barrier and have gone head on in owning successful businesses across the globe. Men and women have become equals in terms of running successful businesses. You can see women dabbling in different field of business, even those that are deemed “manly” such as the construction industry, etc. The top 3 industries where women usually dabble in are education, healthcare and entertainment. You will see many women succeeding in these industries and helping their communities generate employment.

Statistics show that over the years women have progressed greatly from just being employees to owning their own businesses and being their own bosses. A lot of businesswomen have contributed greatly to their locality’s economy and are continuing to provide not only the products and services that they sell but also income opportunities for people in their communities by employing them.

We have created this infographic to show you fun and interesting facts about women-owned businesses and how they are faring against their male counterparts. The statistics will hopefully encourage more women to try their hands in running their own businesses. The right attitude and mindset are the first two things that women need to get started in building their own empires.

Here is the visual. Read on and be inspired!
7 incredible facts about women owned businesses

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