SEO Tips to Rank Higher in Google Search Engine Results

seo tips for higher serpRanking in high position in Google search engine is every SEO expert’s dream, but achieving such high dream is nearly impossible without hard dedicated continually work. Depends on what keyword you want to rank, you’ll find it harder to rank in ‘high competitor’ keyword such as SEO, web design, web development and many more common keyword which were already highly optimized by most money making businesses.

Contrary to popular belief, keyword optimize on your page is not the ‘sure way’ to position your page in first page of Google search result. There are more than one factor that will decided if your page will listed in top of search engine result page or not. You’ll need to learn the basic and in-depth SEO strategy which is more than just stuffing your keyword into your SEO effort.

During this 2016, we have collect few of the basic and advanced SEO tips and strategy to increase your chances of topping the Google search engine result.

Basic SEO Tips

You need to have decent amount of target keyword inside your post. important note: there can be only one H1 in your post, do not enter more than one H1. for example if your target keyword is ‘top 10 seo’ then, you’ll need to have the keyword in your page like this:

  • Keyword in H1
    <h1>Top 10 SEO tips and tricks</h1>
  • Keyword in H2 and H3
    <h2>Here are my top 10 seo strategy</h2>
  • Keyword with bold html tag in sentense
    <p>within years, i've research some <strong>top 10 seo<strong> that can help you</p>
  • Keyword in image alt text
    <img src="imglink" alt="top 10 seo tips" />

Words Count
Preferable post need to have at least 500 words count, the more the better in the eye of search engine. the more words crawl, the better chance of your post ranked near top position.

HTML Valid
Search engine love html valid page so be sure to test your post in HTML validation such as this.

Google Page insight Score
According to backlinko, Google page insight score had some impact on ranking, so its better to have a ‘green’ with 85/100 desktop score for your post.

Advanced SEO Tips

Inner linking
When writing your post, you need to have at least 1-2 inner link to any one of your site’s post. If you write about web design, then link a keyword into your other post that related to web design, preferable post that already index by Google.

important note: having a related posts is not the same as inner linking inside post content.

External backlink
This is one of the most crucial ranking factor. It is said that the more external backlink you got in a post, the higher position you will have in search engine result. However this is not entirely true, quality is more important than quantity.

Having 10 (domain authority above 50+) linked to your post
Having 100 (domain authority below 30) linked to your post

Learn more about domain authority here.

Trust Flow Balance
In previous external backlink strategy, having 100 (domain authority below 30) linked to your post will increase your citation flow higher than trust flow, which is BAD! the trust flow and citation flow need to be at least 0.5 or higher, how do you measure this? example

Bad Trust Flow Balance
Trust flow: 20
Citation flow: 60
TF/CF = 20/60 = 0.33
*this mean you have tons of junk or low metric domain linked to your site.

Good Trust Flow Balance
Trust flow: 20
Citation flow: 40
TF/CF = 20/40 = 0.5
*this mean you have well balance of trusted domain linked to your site.

Great Trust Flow Balance
Trust flow: 40
Citation flow: 30
TF/CF = 40/30 = 1.33
*this mean more than 70% of your external link is from high trusted and authority domain

you can use majestic tool to count your trust and citation flow.

Note: Citation flow will increase according to your external backlinks so having 1000 external backlink with low authority metric will not balance your trust flow, again is the quality not quantity that count. Markup
According to backlinko, schema markup did not have any effect on ranking factor. However having a schema markup <Article> or <blogPosting> for your posts wouldn’t hurt.

Social signal
Although not to be known as ranking factor (ever since google +1 demised), social signal can help boost your ranking, maybe a little but having 1-10 people share your post is better than nothing.

Few more SEO tips

  • Having a list of latest posts in sidebar
  • H2 H3 should only exist inside post content only
  • Not more than 50 outbound link for one page, this include links in post content and sidebar, footer, header etc…
  • Reach out to site that related to your niche, if you have a good authority and trust flow site, offer a blog post exchange so it will benefit both party/
  • If you have money to invest, hire exclusive author to add your post with link in high authority site such as, or

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