How On-page SEO can Increase Your eCommerce Store Visibility in Search Engines

how on page seo can help your ecommerce
It is a fact that most of your customers visiting your online eCommerce store come from search engines. That’s the reason why you’ll find lot of SEO tips about improving eCommerce store in the web. If you do not know by now, SEO is the key to success for any online businesses. Google collected more than 1.9 trillion searches worldwide each year, assuming 1% of the searches going to your eCommerce store then you already making profits.

Aside from promoting your online eCommerce store through traditional marketing strategy such as sponsored ads, text or image banners, local business flyers and video marketing promotion. The method that is going to yield the best results would be search engine optimization of your online eCommerce site.

How’s that? People nowadays are using their smartphone to browse online, watch videos and yes, purchase online also. According to research, more than 60% shopper now preferred to shop online than actually going to the store. Either they’re lazy or they just utilize the convenience of online shopping. You can’t ignore the fact that few out of this 60% might be your potential customers but how do you take advantage of SEO to increase your business eCommerce sales?

On-page SEO

What is on-page SEO? It is a method to optimize your website’s pages so search engines can crawl it. Here are few important steps to take:

  • Upload a robots.txt file to your site root via FTP so search engines bots can crawl your site content including images in subfolder.
  • Make sure you have an XML sitemap so search engines can properly index your site.
  • Install Google Web Analytics.
  • Validate your website HTML and CSS.
  • Purchase an SSL certificate and upgrade to HTTPS. *optional, however HTTPS is considered a ranking factor in SERP.
  • Fix any crawl errors and redirect problems.
  • Include target keywords on your every page in the title and H1.
  • Write an inviting and interesting META description, because this will determine your pages click-through-rate (CTR).
  • Properly use HTML headings (H1s, H2s, etc.), you should have one H1 headings only in one page, this mostly use in your article’s title but you can have multiple H2 inside article’s content.
  • Google also crawl images so make sure you properly add image’s width and height size, image’s alt text and descriptions. Most importantly is your image name, many people ignore this but your image name can lead to visit from search engines effectively. Wouldn’t you say using seo-for-ecommerce.jpg is better than my-img-123.jpg?

seo expert not everyone
You cannot ignore the important of good optimized on-page SEO on your eCommerce store, a small number of traffic spike from search engines could potentially increase your business profits ten-fold. However not everyone is a SEO expert, you’ll sometime encounter few SEO agency that promise a 200% ROI, the more you invest on their SEO work, the more you’ll profits within months. This sometime turn out good results but occasionally it won’t. Why? SEO agency will focus on link building, although it’s proven that the more website linking to your website will result in increased position in SERP.

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Googleplus posts used to cause my link to fly in google. Now they drop so
have your tried this recently? Not much improvment its twitter maybe zero
and facebook not much may drop as well.

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