Ways to Reduce Loneliness As You Get Older

ways to reduce loneliness as you get older
Growing older is a fact of life, and one that none of us can escape. We are all growing older with each day and unfortunately, with old age comes feelings of loneliness, especially if we come to have reduced mobility and find that we can’t get out as much as we need to. We’ve decided to look into some of the best ways to reduce the risks of loneliness, and to help you live a happy and fulfilled life no matter how old you happen to be.

Make transport an option

A lack of transportation can often be the main cause of isolation and loneliness if you can’t drive, but luckily this can be changed fairly easily. Motability vehicles give back independence and make moving about the local area and beyond even easier for those with limited mobility, or you can check with your local council or transport agencies to find out if there are any programs in place for cheaper or free travel for the older generations. Free or cheaper access to public transport can encourage you to get outside more and not only save you from any isolation, but also improve on your health by getting you up and moving.


learn technology old ageThe internet and other technologies might seem terrifying to someone who may not understand it in its entirety, but there is plenty of help out there to get you online. The technological world is full of opportunities to reduce loneliness, from video calls like Skype through to online chats with people in similar situations to you. Mobiles give you better access to keeping in contact with family members, and an iPad, for example, could let you have face-to-face conversations with grandchildren or friends who might otherwise live far away. You can keep up to date with what’s going on in the world through news apps, and social media can give you access to not only keep up with what your family and friends are doing, but allow you to post to keep your family updated on what you’re doing too.

Find something to take care of!

get a pet old companionYes, something, not someone. Though a ‘someone’ could be just as good of a way to reduce loneliness. If you can, offer to look after your grandchildren for a day, or even for a whole weekend. Not only will you have some company for a few days, but they’ll love spending time with their grandparents. Even the most stubborn of kids like time away from home. But if you don’t have grandkids or you’d like something more “every day”, consider adopting a pet! Pets are the ultimate companion, but make sure you do your research into which pet will be best for you. If you know you won’t be able to get out much, a dog may not be the best option as you won’t be able to walk them enough, so something with less maintenance may be a better option. Ultimately, it’s your decision as to which pet will be best for you and your needs, but do your research in advance just to be sure!

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