Why Big Companies Choose WordPress as Their Blogging Platform?

why wordpress prefer by company
WordPress was formed as a decent blogging platform which was built on PHP and MySQL. The forming idea was to help potential bloggers to blog without any trouble. It is a free and an open source software as well. Anyone in the whole world can work on it anytime and can help to improve it as well. There is a misbelief regarding WordPress that if it’s an open source and free as well, then it wouldn’t be secure and that it is not fit to be called as commercial website. But in the recent years, blogging has evolved a lot and as of today, it is a profitable profession.

There are many professional bloggers who make their livelihood by blogging. Also, when it comes to business, blogging is a safe and effective way to publish content and to connect to the audience. It has become a platform where new ideas are generated and are discussed as well. Many of the marketing strategies are being made and explained with the help of blogging. Along with blogging, WordPress has grown too. It has evolved to become one of the biggest and most powerful platform for managing content in the world. As of today, WordPress is still free and is still an open source platform.

WordPress is used by many popular brands including NASA, CNN, BBC, etc. Along with this, there are also many other reasons behind using WordPress which are discussed below.

It is easy to use

WordPress is very easy and effective at the same time. You don’t need any previous knowledge to understand and use WordPress. It is very simple to install and easy to understand. There is no need to read any manual to understand WordPress. The person using WordPress doesn’t need to be from a technical background. Even a non-technical personnel can easily use WordPress without any trouble. WordPress has turned to be a powerful tool which is currently being used by millions of people worldwide and there is a steady growth in the number of users as well.

The beginners can learn the process to install and use WordPress easily as there are many articles which are especially written for the beginners. Also, there are tutorial videos which are available and they guide the beginners step by step along the way. Also a Free WordPress Blog Setup is implemented by the company who helps you to setup your own WordPress site.

Its Presentation is the best

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WordPress is beautiful and runs fast without any trouble. It looks more attractive than others, and thus its presentations are better than others. This is probably the reason why celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Usain Bolt choose WordPress over others. While setting up a site using WordPress, there are many themes that can be chosen. These different themes are according to a different profession and you can find a theme suitable for you somewhere in there. Also, most of the themes available can be customized according to personal needs. Thus, many options are available when the site is developed using WordPress. Alternatively, you could purchase a paid premium WordPress theme, however, you’ll need to consider a few things before purchasing one.

WordPress is Scalable

WordPress is scalable. You can run small websites on it and more prominent websites along with it. Any individual can manage his own small website from anywhere using WordPress. More significant websites such as CNN, CBS New York, Harvard Business Review Blogs, etc., are also managed using WordPress. Thus WordPress is an independent platform with which you can manage smaller and larger websites.

It is absolutely free

WordPress is an open-source project which also happens to be absolutely free at the same time. Any individual around the globe can use learn WordPress and use it without paying any license fee for it. Thus, it saves a lot of money as compared to any others.

You can own your own data

Big Companies generate a lot of data which could be even more sensitive. Thus, these companies cannot let anyone else put their hands in it. Also you will be generating your own data which can be confidential. Thus to ensure that their data is secure, big companies prefer to own everything. Thus WordPress is a secure publishing platform which helps to set up great websites. Thus, with the help of WordPress, you can own your own data and no one can have access to it.

It is a quick launching platform

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When you are planning to launch a new application with the help of WordPress, you don’t need to write the code from the scratch. In fact WordPress takes care of the structural codebase and ensures that the application runs without much trouble. With the help of WordPress, all you need is just a few lines of codes and you can have application up and running without any difficulty. WordPress saves a lot of time and efforts while creating a new application as there are very high chances that the plug in necessary for the application might just be ready and available to be used. In the current market, time is of the utmost importance.

Many times an application fails in market because another application with similar features was launched just before it and it captured all the targeted audience. Thus, it is very important that the application is up and running as soon as possible. With the help of WordPress, a lot of time can be saved and thus it helps to capture a lot of audience due to the early arrival. Some big brands using WordPress for creating new web content include the Times and the Wall Street Journal Blogs.

Easy to integrate

Although WordPress is mainly a blogging platform, but what makes it so great is its ability to integrate and work well with other service places. With the help of its integration with social media, a message can be spread across social media very easily and quickly as well. The best example of this feature is the Walking dead series service called StorySync, where the fans of the series around the globe come together and discuss the series.

Along with the discussion, fans of the series can also share astounding trivia about the series, share exclusive videos,s and watch episodes. Other mainstream examples of such service are the Washington Post Supergrid and the Wall Street Journal Streams.

WordPress’s compatibility

With the growing network of smartphones, WordPress understands that its users are not just the ones using laptops and computers but also the ones using smartphones. Once you have placed your website on WordPress, it is also compatible for use on mobile. There is no need to break it down and fix it for mobile. WordPress is made with the newest web standards, and thus it helps to make a completely responsive website within minutes.

Flexibility of WordPress

WordPress is a very flexible platform; you can achieve many things using such a platform. The best thing about WordPress is that it evolves itself completely according to time. Every update of WordPress comes up with additional features like never before; thus, WordPress keeps getting better and better.

The connectivity of WordPress

The platform of WordPress has created a community that consists of individuals from every corner of the world, and they are connected among themselves with the help of WordPress. This leads to sharing new ideas and creating a healthy community where new things are created and discussed. The main power of WordPress lies with its open source community which enables anyone from anywhere to contribute.

WordPress gives Freedom

WordPress provides freedom to individuals who seek to create something on their own. WordPress provides a platform with whose help you can easily share your ideas with the world. It also provides open sourcing with which you can contribute at your own level. Thus WordPress has become a steady place that everyone can rely on to make something of their own and to share it with the rest of the world.

WordPress ability to handle different media types

video blogging
WordPress is not just about writing text. WordPress has the ability to handle different types of audio, images, and videos as well. It can do so with the help of a built-in support system.

Different uses of WordPress

WordPress is open-source, and it is not just a blog. There are many possibilities by which one can use WordPress. Different uses of WordPress include Blog, Gallery, Portfolio, Content Management, Shopping store, Arcade, Membership site, a Rating site, Video collection site, etc.

Final Conclusion

Thus WordPress has proven itself to be a great platform not just dedicated to blogging but to a lot of different things well. WordPress offers many different features, and the number of its features keeps growing after every update. Also, the themes available are also increasing rapidly, which is providing the users with a lot of options. The features and services provided by WordPress are amazing, which is why many big brands are using WordPress as well. In all, WordPress is not just limited to big brands or small, it is a platform that is for everyone and can be used by everyone.

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