The Sharpest Sword in World History – Salahuddin Al Ayyubi Sword

In ancient world, there’s a myth about indestructible armor and weapon or sword that can split a stone in one slide. Well, according to the historian sword expert, Prof. Dr. Peter Paufler of Germany, there is one sword that proof to have the ability to slice any hard object into 2 pieces with one slice. It is the sword owned and used by Salahuddin Al Ayyubi.

It is the sharpest sword in world history recognized by metallurgical experts (what is metallurgical experts?). Its sharpness is able to penetrate armor crusader, cut two opposing swords, shields and stone splitting without damage or blunt to the sword edge. The legendary sword made famous by Damascus and Persian has overcome the greatness of Japanese Katana sword and the sword Excalibur of King Arthur.

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What is the sword made of?

The sword is forged with steel “DaMarcus” secret technique that is coated with CNT (Carbon Nano Tubes), which makes it is very sharp and light weight. Their Secret art of sword-making is greatly admired by Western families and modern metallurgical studies. We on this modern age are still not able to produce high-tech sword (NANO technology) of the Islamic civilization in the period of the 11th-12th century.

What the CNT?

CNT is a chain of carbon atoms bound between each other in a hexagonal cylinder having a diameter as small as 1-2 nano-meters. The cylindrical CNT may reach a length so that tens of microns and closed at the tip portion as if a piece of pipe that is closed in both two edges. Characterization performed on this material also explains THAT CNT has the highest strength compared to other materials. It also has properties of electrical conduction exceeded copper and metal. The uniqueness of carbon nano is having resistance to high temperatures and have a body that is lighter than aluminum. So in combat, the light weight of the sword can be advantage to the wielder.

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NANO technology using steel “DaMarcus” which is also called wootz. The iron ore contains a number of elements Carbon percentages. In addition to iron and carbon, elements such as chromium, manganese, cobalt is also coupled to add more strength, sharpness and flexibility. Salahuddin Al-Ayubi lead the Army of Islam in the Crusades with this unseen sword making technology in the period of the 12th Century.

This sword making techniques are so secret till only a few families blacksmith in Damascus are mastered. Finally in the period of the 18th, this sword making technology have been lost and forgotten. What remains is swords, spears and knives that are now scattered in different Museum worldwide. Just to remind us that technology of Islamic civilization has been lost in ages.

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