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WordPress is a platform that provides bloggers with the space they need to show the world what they are up to. It is an open source website creation tool that started in 2003 and is now viewed by most as the best content management system available on their website claiming it gets a combined total of tens of millions of viewers every day.

Some use it to blog about their trip experience to anywhere around the world, others use it to empower their businesses, write poetry and even share cooking recipes. The possibilities are almost limitless. Some of the best features include its user-friendly interface, a large amount of content its users can use to customize their page such as themes and plugins, and of course, it is completely free to download and use.

Is WordPress good for SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and SEO writers use this idea to try to make their websites, or the websites they are writing for, as visible as possible on the Internet. Basically, the idea is how can I get as many people as possible to visit this website? SEO writers try to use keywords, or keyword phrases, as much as possible. They want their page to be the first that pops up when you type their topic into a search engine.

If you’re writing about Nike’s new sneakers, you want to slip in Nike’s new sneakers into that article as many times as possible. Bear in mind it works better when you do not break up the keyword or keyword phrases, for example, again if you were writing about Nike’s new sneakers you need to write it consistently, no changing it to Nike Sneakers. SEO writing is very important because the easier that website is to find, the easier it is to get readers, which means more money from advertisements.

For users of WordPress, SEO writing can be extremely useful when trying to draw in new followers, in fact, if you’re not already doing it you really need to take it up now. Not only are there millions of jobs on the Internet for SEO writers now, but there is also an incredibly large amount of research being done in the area. It doesn’t matter how well written your articles are or how cutting edge your WordPress page is if there is no one looking at it.

How can you improve SEO content for your business?

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This can be done in a number of ways, but one of the most important things to do is know your words. What are people searching for on Google or Bing? You need to test your words out and see how search engines respond, keeping track of the words that appear the most and also the ones that don’t. Even if these words are not completely tied to your subject, try incorporating them into your article to get people clicking. Once you have figured them out, you can plaster them all over your page, not just in the body of your articles, but in the titles, the sub titles and if you are able to, within the meta description of the page.

However, you should be careful when doing this because too many keywords may have a negative impact on your WordPress page as it simply won’t look real, so remember to use these words within reason. Another rule to remember is that the length of an article does actually matter. The longer they are, the more likely to they appear on search engines.

Lastly, good old sharing always helps with getting your article out there, open yourself up to as many platforms as possible, don’t just think Facebook and Linkedin, you can go further. But always remember, although these methods can help with how many shares and views our site gets, it is only really worth it if the pages are of a good enough quality to keep attracting viewers.

Anything else to boost SEO content?

WordPress writers can also benefit from a number of PR tools which are available as plugins. Some of these include Jetpack which enhances the distribution of your content via search engines, Yoast SEO which is a vital tool for SEO writers as it helps to guide you to improve your ranking in search engines, and Google XML Sitemaps also for SEO writers by helping to index your website on search engines. All three plugins can be downloaded for free.

Great, now your site is flowing fantastically, you’ve got a huge amount of traffic flowing through and it looks like you’re becoming a big hit. But, there’s a problem, your WordPress page is super slow and people aren’t sticking around very long to take a good look at it. And on top of this, it has also been revealed that Google now includes site speed in its search ranking, which means if your site is slow, it is less likely to be viewed, ruining all that SEO writing you’ve been adding.

Okay, so how can I increase the speed of my WordPress page?

Despite WordPress being one of the best-known blogging platforms, it has been noted that at times it can be a little slow. No one wants a slow website, it frustrates people and you will lose the interest of new and returning visitors. Research has indicated that your page on has a few seconds to grab peoples attention and if all that user sees is a blank screen buffering, it’s not very impressive.

Fear not, because your WordPress page can actually be speed up. One of these ways is to reduce the size of your images. There are WordPress plugins available that allow images to be uploaded, reduce their size, but not reduce the quality. One of these plugin is WP Smushit. Remember to keep your homepage light and simple, this is especially important if it is the first thing people see. This can be done by keeping all unnecessary things off the home page like the number of posts, sharing widgets and also show small excerpts instead of whole posts. Let your viewers find out about you or your organization through clicking on the other pages.

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There are also a number of other more advanced ways to keep your WordPress page running smoothly. One of the best ways includes using a host that you trust. Some of the best hosts include SiteGround, Imotion Hosting and A2 Hosting. Also ensure you are using an effective caching plugin which can drastically improve the length of time it takes to load a page, many of which can be downloaded from WP.org for free.

Final Note

So, remember, your WordPress website can always be improved. There are tons of optimize WordPress tutorials you can find on the web. Whether that means cutting out nonessential information or doubling specific words to get those hits, your site can rake in the numbers and get your content plastered all over the Internet. You may not like it but SEO writing is the future and unless you get up to speed with it you could be left behind in the dust wondering why no one’s looking at your site. From finding people with similar ideas to making a living, sharing is caring.

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