7 Major Risk Areas when Moving Business

Relocation your offices is a tough job. It requires a lot of planning and organization. Since it involves a lot of other people – you employees and customers, you need to be extra careful when it comes to relocation your office space right. Whatever you may be doing – expanding your offices, downsizing the working space or just looking for a market switch – it needs to be smooth and easy, and planned to detail. Therefore, you should take a look at 7 major risk areas when moving business and do everything you can to avoid them.

7 major risk areas when moving business
Figure 1 Consider the 7 major risk areas when moving business and do everything you can to avoid them

Losing your customers is first one of the 7 major risk areas when moving business

When thinking about the risks areas when moving , you need to think about what is most important for your business. And that is – customers. When relocation your offices, there is a risk of your customers not following you to your new location. You can invest in some advertising techniques to attract them to continue using your services. However, this shouldn’t be your biggest problem. Relocation your business means you will access a new market and attract new customers.

Business downtime costs

When relocation your office, you can avoid the downtime of your business. It is simply inevitable for your business to stop working for a couple of days. It doesn’t only mean the moving day, but the days before and after the move. You should focus on reducing the number of those days, and plan your relocation to details. The best way to do this as efficiently as possible is to hire professionals like – and not worry about your relocation.


During relocation, you need to do everything to safely relocate your business facilities and minimize the safety risks. This doesn’t only include physical security of your items, but also the protection of your data and systems. Be sure not to make common security mistakes when packing your items and transporting them. To maximize the security of your office be sure to :

  • document everything – label all the PCs, cables, USB sticks and hardware. If you connect them in a wrong way later on, you can have unnecessary problems and extend the downtime of your office.
  • secure your offices physically – with so many people coming in and out, it may be easy for an intruder to come inside your offices. Don’t leave the doors open at all times, and be sure to keep an eye on people visiting the office area. Security is very important and therefore is one of the 7 major risk areas when moving business. Think about insurance as one of the ways to protect your office items.
  • safe relocation – moving boxes are a very risky point during relocation. You need to safely relocate your business facilities, and be sure that all the moving boxes are moved without harm.
7 major risk areas when moving business 2
Figure 2 When moving, offices tend to be less secure. Be sure to maximize security and keep an eye on everybody entering the office space, since security is one of the 7 major risk areas when moving business

Wrong mail delivery

When relocating your office, you need to make sure you notify everybody about your new office address. However, one of the 7 major risk areas when moving business is not receiving your mail to the new office. Even though you sent a message to your partners/clients, some of them probably missed it, or you forgot to notify somebody. This situation ends up in mail waiting for you outside or at a dead-letter office. You can share your new address at social network as an extra step, and forward calls and messages to your new number for a couple of months.

Finding good workers and replacing the old ones

Relocation of your business could mean that some of your best workers will not be with you anymore. Some of them don’t want to travel as much, or you are not able to give high relocation bonus. Losing some employees mean you need to find new ones. And that includes introducing them to business and performing certain trainings. All of these are time-consuming and sometimes unsuccessful, which could make the process even longer.

7 major risk areas when moving business 3
Figure 3 It’s no secret we want to keep the best employees. However, since one of the 7 major risk areas when moving business is replacing staff, do your best to find the perfect replacements.

Unexpected costs

Moving costs can go higher more than you imagined. We advise you have a moving budget, and plan your relocation in advance. Go through each step and ‘predict’ the price tag. If you are over your moving budget, see what are the ways to cut the moving costs. Maybe there are things you can do by yourself, or you maybe don’t need to move everything from your office. Do some decluttering and get rid of the items you no longer need.

Lack of communication can affect your business in a negative way

The last of the 7 major risk areas when moving business is lack of communication between you and your partners and you employees. Relocation is a stressful period, so you may forget to communicate certain information to the people you work with. Lack of communication is a huge problem, because when you are sure that someone finished a task, they have never received information about it and therefore never finished it. Stay focused so you can handle all the pressure, complete the tasks and meet the deadlines. Don’t  let the relocation be the reason for losing valuable clients and partners.


We presented 7 major risk areas when moving business  you should consider. However, don’t be afraid of the relocation process. If you plan everything in advance and don’t make quick decisions, your business doesn’t have to suffer from these risks. Take a systematic approach to your office relocation and you can be sure that you’ve got everything covered. Ask for help when you need it, because it’s natural you can’t do everything by yourself. And finally – look forward to your new office space! A new chapter begins and it’s the time to appreciate this moment.

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