Finding and Retaining Talent for Your Business

finding and retaining talent for your business 1
Growing your business is an exciting time but it can also be stressful as typically growth means more employees to handle the increasing workload. Finding hard-working and talented individuals for your business can be tricky, especially when there are plenty of established companies to compete with. Avoid the dismay and follow these tips to ensure you not only find the best available workers but ensure you retain them.

Identify Your Target Market

Ideally before your growth started, you will have already identified your target market and what they are looking for from your company in terms of products or services. With this in mind you can better articulate your business needs to potential employees and keep them informed of what to expect when working with your company. This allows recruitment agencies and job seekers to better narrow down options and reduce the amount of irrelevant applications you get. Don’t forget to include a mention of your company values and visions, as you want to hire someone who aligns with your future goals, rather than find out down the line that the new hire doesn’t follow your company mission.

Be Clear in Your Expectations and Opportunities

Too often are job adverts put up with only an approximate salary that is often reduced over the probation period, this is off-putting for potential job seekers as they don’t know what they can expect from the advertised role. Be concise but clear in your advertisement, if you offer yearly bonuses for recognised hard work, put it in the advert, if there are further opportunities for career growth, put this front and centre so employees know they can grow alongside the business.

Offer Flexibility

The traditional 9-5 job role is slowly becoming a thing of the past, as core hours get introduced and businesses are catering to the popularity of social media enquiries and queries, advising that your employees can have a more flexible work-life balance is an advantageous way to attract strong talent for your company. Not only does this show potential hires that you care about their work-life balance and their out of work commitments, this can improve the overall workplace environment as productivity tends to increase and moods improve.

Support Your Existing Staff

finding and retaining talent for your business 2
Often, the best hired talent can come from word of mouth as your existing employees talk to their friends and family about how much they enjoy their job and how they feel valued by their employer. This can convince a lot of people to give your business a chance and potentially leave an existing job to join your staff. The best way to support existing staff is to allow for flexible working, provide them plenty of opportunities to socialise, either through out of the office activities and team building events or introducing ice breaker games once a week or a few times a month and allowing employees the chance to give their input on the business.

Talk to Previous Employees

If you have already had hard-working employees come and go in your business, reach out to them and find out what it was that caused them to leave, for instance, better opportunities, increased pay or improved growth opportunities. If you can afford to offer them a chance to re-join and tick the boxes that caused them to leave originally, this can save on hiring and training costs and show your past staff that you still care about them. This also sends a strong message to your current staff that you would rather reach a compromise than have them feel unappreciated and need to leave.

Retaining hard-working and dedicated employees can be tricky as it isn’t just about the pay check but about the whole business environment. If you are concerned about keeping staff or hiring for a future growth period, talk to your current employees. Find out what they believe works well and if there is any area that could be improved, not only do you build better relationships with your staff, but you have an opportunity to improve the workforce as a whole and keep keen employees’ content and appreciated.

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