ten tips to get the most out of your worker’s compensation claim
Workers compensation is very crucial in this day and age if you want to make ends meet at work. A successful organization is one who takes care of the needs of its employees and laborers. If you are reading as a concerned laborer who is unaware of his/her workers’ compensation, we’re glad to have you here. In this article we will give you ten tips through which you can get the maximum possible benefit out of your claim. It is very common to get injured at work, fall sick and engage in multiple issues. If you get injured at work, you must know your rights and responsibilities. Many companies try to brush the issue under the carpet when workers are ill-informed of their rights. Some of the practical tips to claim maximum benefit are:

1. Immediately register your injury

If you get inured at work, the first thing you need to do is to report to your boss. Keep in mind if you prolong the complaint, your registration might get dismissed. Even the state provides a specific limit in which the workers can register their injury. This deadline varies state by state so you must know the laws of your place. Once you miss the deadline, you will no longer be able to claim any workers compensation benefit from the company. In many states, they require the workers to fill in a registration form after which one can officially claim the right. Furthermore, always develop good relationships with your employer so he/she can help you out in any issue.

2. Consider changing doctors

In many states, workers are treated by the doctor who has been prescribed by the company or is at the available panel. This gives rise to an issue because many doctors start minimizing the treatment to help the insurance companies pay less to the claiming person. You’re lucky if you live in a state which allows you to choose your doctor. Though this sounds bizarre, many insurance companies do this to minimize their expenses. If you are living in a state where you are given the liberty of choosing a doctor, you must take up the offer to get a good compensation claim at the end. Every state has its policies regarding changing of the doctor so don’t worry if you have to wait for some time.

3. Be prepared for your independent medical examination

This is another interesting thing which might cut down your worker’s compensation. An independent medical examination is a procedure in which the doctor examines the patient in draws a connection between the injury and the place of work if there is any. In this way if the report proves you already had an issue before work, your compensation claim might be reduced. Insurance companies are hands-on with the report when they want to cancel your claim. Furthermore, the doctor will also ask a lot of tricky questions to confuse you, so you better beware.

4. Keep detailed records

keep detailed records
Always keep your documents hands-on when it comes to filing claims in such events. You should have detailed records of your employment letter, workers claim and all the necessary paperwork. While your doctors will be busy in examining your treatment, your works restriction slips are not going to be attached to your medical records. Sometimes the situation gets so intense that the insurance company will quickly ask you to produce all the paperwork to receive a claim. Therefore it is crucial to have everything in your backyard before the storm hits the door.

5. Don’t miss legal proceedings and appointments

If you have a workers compensation lawyer, there’s no need to worry about anything. However, if you don’t have one, you must keep up with all the legal meetings and court hearings. If you do not appear at the legal proceedings, there is always a chance of missing out on getting your benefits. Even if you have a lawyer, you will have to present yourself before the court to receive your claim. Failing to do so will give a bad impression. If you have to miss a legal proceeding you must inform the court about it before time. Your reason should be concrete, so the court doesn’t struggle with the veracity of your leave.

6. Get prompt medical treatment

As soon as you get injured, get proper medical treatment to recover. Prompt medical care is crucial because it can lead to fuller recovery on time. Furthermore, it also serves as evidence in the worker’s compensation claim. By documenting your injuries and presenting yourself in court, you will be able to quickly be able to get proper amount of claim easily. Moreover, if you delay your treatment, the insurance company could blame you for not being so severely injured as much as you were before, hence cutting down your claim.

7. Understand your available compensation benefits

It is crucial to understand the currently available benefits through workers compensation system. How each state has its own rules and regulations for eligibility, it is crucial to keep up with the compensation benefits. There are many benefits which you are entitled to, such as temporary disability benefits, permanent disability benefits, medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation and mileage. Keep in mind, insurance companies and profit-making businesses, they will never wish to pour a lot of money in your hand. Therefore you must do your research.

8. Beware of private investigators

If the insurance company is skeptical about your claim, they might hire a private investigator around you. Furthermore the investigator will chase your every move and hold you accountable as well. Let us give you a simple example. If you tell your company you can lift more than 5 kilos, and the surveillance camera shows you lifting a weight which is more than 10 kilos, this means you are lying to the company. However, if your insurance company is partial to your rights, your footage might be manipulated. Therefore you must be cautious with regards to the surveillance cameras and private investigators.

9. Consider appealing a denial of benefits

Insurance companies are money-making businesses which is why they continue to deny even legitimate workers compensation benefits to save more money. You will be intrigued to know you stand an absolute chance of denying the workers benefits. There are many cases in which workers who deny compensation claims at the beginning end up having received a lot of compensation benefits. Every state has a different approach to catering to their worker’s benefits. Once you register a claim, the judge will call you in to listen to your take on the issue.

10. Consider hiring a workers compensation lawyer

consider hiring a workers compensation lawyer
If your insurance company is coherent with paying you the workers compensation, you might not need a lawyer. However, if your insurance company gives a tough time paying the workers compensation, you must hire a lawyer. In most cases, workers often don’t get the amount they deserve which is why it is crucial to have a lawyer. If you are skeptical about the company paying you a claim you must check with a suitable lawyer right now. If you live in Los Angeles you must google Los Angeles Workers Comp Attorney to get a suitable lawyer in your place. Your lawyer will not only represent you professionally but will leave no stone unturned in making sure you get your rights.

What are the common misconceptions workers compensation benefits?

There are many stereotypical notions which continue to hound several professions. The first one is that workers compensation is only purchased by large scale organisations. The truth is almost every company needs to purchase this policy. Furthermore, if the company is related to the construction sector, it is mandatory to purchase this policy. The second misconception is part-time workers are not counted in for this benefit. According to the rules, every worker is liable for claiming workers compensation despite the number of hours worked. The third myth is family members cannot apply for the same job in the company. Some companies have an intense political climate in which several members of the family cannot work however anyone is eligible to apply for the job.


Lastly, it is important for you to know about your rights as a responsible working person. Every state has its laws which is why it is important to keep up with all the available information. If you want to hire a lawyer, you must make sure you hire the right person for the job. Always hire somebody who has hands-on experience of handling cases of your kind and should be licensed too. Refrain from hiring people who are money seekers and are not well versed with the law world. It is your right as a worker to claim any injury benefit while working on the site. The more you are naïve to this information, higher are the chances the insurance company will try to reduce your claim and make you fool.

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