Ten Common Problems Faced by Tenants

ten common problems faced by tenants
It is no wonder all of us want to have our own house without being answerable to a landlord or anyone regarding that property. Unfortunately not all of us have the privilege of having own property. You will be surprised to know more than 36% of Americans live on rent which means the rest have their own homes and can afford to provide their properties on rent. The truth be told, real estate is a rampantly growing business in this world which is why property holders are building more buildings to provide places for rent.

Hadn’t it been for commercial projects, many people wouldn’t have had proper shelter. In this article we will guide you through 10 common problems which most tenants face for the first time or even if they are looking for a house on rent for the second or third time. Keep in mind; even you are vulnerable to falling in the trap of such problems so read closely to avoid them.

1. Finding the right home

The ideal property is one which is close to schools, offices and colleges. If somebody chooses a house which is far away from the commercial area in town, a lot of money will be spent on travel and commute every month. Furthermore, owing to the current modern trends, people are looking for houses which are close to malls and restaurants so they can remain in touch with the slice of life. At the top of everything, the house should be within one’s budget too. Seldom do we come across houses which are close to all the facilities mentioned above and have a medium fare. Finding a house in such a location is anyways difficult, especially when everyone is swooning over the same facilities. A lot of people from the middle-class background struggle with such problems, especially since they’re on a tight budget in terms of everything.

2. Huge deposits

This is another major issue which most tenants face in the first few months of living in a rented house. Every state has its own rules and regulations with regards to giving the house on rent. Some landlords require the deposit of hefty amounts of money whereas in some cases people even start asking for a complete year’s rental deposit as security. This is very difficult for not everyone is ready to make such an investment. Though this claim is inconvenient, yet many tenants have to adhere to this law and make payments accordingly. This is why some people take a lot of time to find suitable landlords who don’t have binding rules and regulations. This regulation is so problematic; many home tenants take months to find an ideal home.

3. Privacy

Some landlords are so obsessive with regards to their property that they don’t restrain themselves from interfering in the rented portion. If you live in a rented house, you will find the landlord dropping in every month to check the state of the property. Furthermore, this also creates a rift between the tenants and the landlords which is why some people leave the rented property every few months up. This constant intrusion of privacy is not just ethically incorrect but socially unacceptable too. Therefore if you are looking for a suitable house for rent, you must evaluate the behavior of the landlord before making your decision.

4. Untimely eviction

Sudden eviction is almost equivalent to getting fired from a job suddenly. This problem is faced by many people in the country. Though many people continue to criticize this practice, yet only one clause allows this to happen. Even though some tenants pay rent on time, yet the property owners order them to vacate the property immediately. Sometimes the reason is genuine, but most of the time it is not. However, you don’t need to worry for there are lawyers who help people in getting rid of such issues. If you live in Los Angeles you can google Los Angeles eviction attorney to seek professional help.

5. Rent inflation

rent inflation
The rental charges vary from state to state and country to country. Inflation is yet another issue which has encapsulated the entire world in it. However, the rental charges increase with time causing trouble for the tenants. However landlords increase the rental charges every year without considering other factors such as property condition, maintenance etc. This puts the tenants in front of two options, either to pay the amount which has been requested or to vacate the property. Rent inflation is one major issue because of which people have to shift from one house to the other every year.

6. Unaffordable rent

Rent is the basic burden on the shoulders of any tenant. Time passes by so fast that every month rolls into the next very quickly. Rental amount is the burden on the tenant’s pocket, which must be removed. The problem with rent is there is a certain limit within which it has to be paid.

Furthermore the rental amount of some properties is so high, people find it difficult to stay consistent with such payments. Especially in this day and age when inflation has crossed all limits, it is very difficult to pay rent every month without being late. An ideal home is one which is close to all the important facilities in town. However, such properties have the highest rental amount on their heads.

7. Incomplete refund of deposits

It is very common for modern homeowners to take hefty amounts of money as the first time deposit. When tenants vacate the house, they are not paid the entire amount just the way they deposited. This gives rise to multiple issues, and in some cases, things get so intense, the intrusion of a lawyer becomes mandatory. Most homeowners claim the rest of the amount is for maintenance, damage repairs and painting. However none of which is edged in the agreement in the beginning. It is because of this issue; many tenants look for a landlord who doesn’t put the restriction of depositing hefty amounts of money in the beginning.

8. Unfair denial of bachelors

Though this issue has become cliché, yet it is a major problem with people living in big cities. Many landlords straight away reject bachelors in the first place. The common myth which continues to hound bachelors is they are all spoilt and always engaged in illegal activities. It is very unfair to generalize a few stereotypical notions on the entire population. Some landlords even believe bachelors will damage the property as soon as they move in. The truth is the modern tv shows, and serials project a bad image of all bachelors, which is why people start believing them.

9. Dealing with brokers

Most of the tenants recall it as the worst experience of their lives. Many people try to avoid brokers. Most brokers are a tough cookie to deal with. Some brokers are so delusional they start asking for hefty amounts of money for commission. They even start asking for the first-month rent as commission. This is where real estate websites jump in and help people at economical prices. The problem with brokers is they don’t understand the issues of the tenants and are only concerned with their own money. They decide bizarre prices for rental properties, and very often, people choose the incorrect broker.

10. Legal troubles

It is very common for tenants and landlords to engage in verbal spats and legal troubles in the first few months of the agreement. In some cases, things get so intense that the landlords even sue the tenants, causing more troubles. Legal troubles could arise because of verbal spat, damage to the property, late payment of rent, many eviction attorneys help people in this regard. If you are reading as a tenant, you must know all your rights as one and always fight back if you are being attacked by the landlord in any way. More than 36% of Americans live on rent which makes a staggering figure out of the entire population.

What are the problems faced by landlords?

what are the problems faced by landlords
Just as we continue to discuss the problems faced by tenants, it is equally important to weigh the cons of being a landlord at the time of renting the property. In many cases, landlords claim tenants leave very quick every year making it difficult for them to navigate smooth relationships with the community. Furthermore when tenants leave a house very quick even because of their reasons, they tarnish the reputation of the landlords.


These are just some of the problems which people face when looking for a new house. If you are looking for a house on rent, you must consider the problems above and then look for a suitable property. However, if you are reading as a landlord you must be mindful when giving your house on rent to somebody. Owing to tough economic conditions, it is important for both the parties to abide by medium rules and regulations put forward from both sides.

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