10 Reasons Why You Need a Private DUI Defense Attorney

If caught driving under the influence, you need to fight that conviction. A private DUI attorney will provide you with the proper legal assistance you would not otherwise get from a public defender or a criminal defense lawyer. Therefore, hiring a DUI arizona attorney is in your best interests because you will get proper advocacy, and he will try his best to avoid a conviction for driving under the influence.

why you need private dui defense attorney
Financial strain can often become a big worry when you are being prosecuted for drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs. As a defendant, you may avoid hiring an attorney to save money when this could cost you more money and trouble in the long run. Although the necessity of hiring an attorney depends on the severity of the case, DUI can be a severe charge that would require you to hire an advocate to represent and defend you in a court of law.

Listed below are some significant reasons to hire a DUI defense attorney.

1. DUI Laws are Complex:

Since you don’t belong to a legal profession, it’s pretty apparent that your knowledge of DUI laws is limited. Even though you may have some basic knowledge, you don’t know how these laws apply in your case. But a DUI attorney is well versed with all the laws related to DUI and can help you understand how they use your lawsuit. You may be surprised at what the DUI lawyer could explain about how those laws could affect the outcomes of your case. For example, the alcohol driving limit of a driver is administered by a blood alcohol test (BAC). It’s illegal to drive with BAC levels above 0.08, and they are treated as legal offenses.

These levels attract severe penalties. You could be arrested to face a jail term, have your vehicle impounded, lose your driving license, and have a criminal record. DUI attorneys have vast experience in DUI laws, making them qualified to defend you against these charges.

2. Counseling on Your Options:

How you choose to plead in court may not be a feasible move in your case. Your DUI lawyer helps you to decide how to present yourself in court as he has reviewed all the relevant information. For instance, some factors could mean that you should contest the charges. Your attorney will inform you about each course of action you can take, the outcome of choosing each, and ensure that you fully understand the consequences of your decision.

This enables you to make an informed decision that would be best for you and your future. You have the right to get legal counseling, so hire an Orange County DUI attorney to understand the driving laws under the influence. A DUI attorney will also help you review the actions taken by law enforcement officers and provide you with the facts about your defense options. With an attorney’s guidance, you will be able to make the right decision on how to proceed with your case.

3. Expertise and Experience in DUI Cases:

When you hire a private attorney, you also have the freedom to choose a DUI lawyer with expertise and experience in cases like yours. This means your attorney has spent a significant amount of time learning the intricate details of how to fight a DUI case successfully. Public defenders may have handled some DUI cases regularly. Still, they may not have detailed knowledge of the changes in DUI laws or experience with specific circumstances that can make or break a case. A lawyer’s expertise in handling DUI cases in the courtroom is what you need to fight the conviction.

In DUI charges, the stakes are high, and you need someone qualified to defend you in the courtroom. Therefore, you should hire an expert, qualified, and experienced attorney to handle your matter.

4. Bargain Down the Charges:

If you fail to defend yourself against the DUI charges you face, a DUI attorney can use his negotiation skills to bargain down the penalties that come with the charges. He can help you get off with a lesser sentence. He will help you decrease the drunk driving license, such as a reckless driving charge, to a lesser one. You may also be able to enter into a first-time offender or diversion that enables you to avoid a criminal record.

important reasons why you need a private dui defense attorney
A DUI attorney knows about such programs and can help you mitigate the penalties. He has the expertise and knowledge required to negotiate a reduction in fines or jail time.

Most convicts do not know that this could happen, and even if they do, they don’t know how to present a convincing argument to the jury as to why their sentence should be reduced.

5. Access to Expert Witnesses:

DUI defenses hinge on BAC test results. Issues like faulty breathalyzer tests or a rising blood alcohol content may affect the accuracy of the BAC figure. Not all attorneys have relationships with expert witnesses, and not every lawyer understands the science behind a DUI charge. Only a DUI attorney has the connections and knowledge you need to understand the science of DUI and take advantage of that science in your favor. This may be what you need to have your impaired driving charges dropped. Everyone is innocent unless proven guilty – this rule of the criminal justice system allows your DUI defense lawyer to be strategic, and he knows how and when to use the due process of law in court.

6. Familiarity with Legal Procedures:

Specific court procedures and protocols should be followed while proceeding with the case in court. A DUI lawyer is familiar with these procedures and requirements. Lack of legal experience can cause you to struggle with the protocols, filing particular court documents, and meeting deadlines.

Your case may get complicated on a technicality or worse if you pursue it without a lawyer. A DUI attorney protects your rights in the criminal justice system and struggles to do the best in your favor.

Familiarity with legal procedures allows your attorney to offer alternative explanations for your DUI charges in court.

7. Preparation for Court:

A prosecutor can ask uncomfortable questions in the courtroom and questions that can change the direction of the case. An experienced DUI lawyer knows how to handle such situations and object at the right moment with a logical argument.

This will help you not lose ground. Success with self-defense is rare, and the most common reason behind this issue is that the defender blurts out the wrong things at the wrong time in the court. This skill has to be learned, and there are no manuals for learning except by experience.

Speaking confidently without nervousness in the courtroom is essential as the nervousness can be taken as an indication of guilt.

Everyone involved in prosecuting the DUI case, from the arresting officer to the prosecutor arguing the case, is prepared to prove that you are guilty of your criminal charge. Without an attorney, you’ll be unprepared to defend yourself. A DUI attorney knows what is likely to happen in criminal prosecution, and he knows how to protect you against these serious charges.

8. Achieve Fair Settlements or Plea Deals:

When you are fighting a DUI case, a plea bargain or a settlement with the prosecution may sometimes be the best choice for you. Many prosecutors permit you to use a plea bargain in exchange for a guilty plea to get a lighter sentence.

If that is necessary, a DUI lawyer having experience in settlements and appeals can guide you through the process, explain everything involved, and negotiate with the other party on your behalf. If you want a fair plea deal, seek the help of an expert DUI lawyer for the best results.

9. Better Examination of the Evidence:

Although most police officers and legal officials are honest, there may be an evil individual in your case who tries to destroy or tamper with evidence. A good DUI defense lawyer will protect you from unethical or unfair procedures, fabricated information in police reports, and exaggerated witness testimonies.

Professional attorneys are better equipped to track records, point out contradictory or weak statements, and uncover the truth. Your attorney reviews the prosecutor’s evidence and checks for issues with the validity of the evidence. An experienced DUI attorney will give you an honest review of your situation, including the best and worst scenarios.

10. Keep a DUI off Your Record:

A clean criminal history is essential for you to lead an everyday life. A DUI attorney can help to keep a DUI off your record in two ways – the first is that if you win the case or have it dismissed, your paper will be clear with no conviction, and the second is if you lose the case, he will help you appeal for the sentence to be set aside from your record.

This can prove valuable when you want to secure a job or avoid the social embarrassment caused by a criminal record. An attorney not only protects your rights but also educates you on how severe DUI convictions can be. He will also guide you on how to prevent another DUI charge in the future.

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