prevent identity thief online
Identity theft is a huge problem nowadays. Only in the United States, more than 9 million people per year are affected by this issue. The number is much higher if we include the rest of the world. Due to the social media, online shopping and chat providers, losing your identity is more than just possible. You never know when this may happen, so protecting yourself is a must. Here, we will help you by teaching you about precautions, apps, and services you should use.

1. Antivirus software on your computer, tablet, and a smartphone

All of your data can be accessed by a computer, tablet, and a smartphone. Using these devices without antivirus protection will make you suitable for identity theft. In essence, antivirus protects them from hacking attacks, malware and tiny software that should steal your data. You can even use free antivirus software, such as Avast. Keep in mind that all your devices must be protected with it!

2. Use On Guard Online or equivalent programs

Identity thieves are constantly advancing, so it is important to stay ahead. Programs such as this, we have just mentioned are maintained by the government and they will teach you about the precautions you should take. All seminars are held online, but there are some in real life. The bottom line with this service is that you will actually be capable of complete private data protection. After just one seminar, you will see how many threats there are in your home.

3. Amazing Life Lock app

Life Lock is one of the best apps for identity theft victims. It is powerful, advanced and simple to use. In essence, all your private data will be secured, so a thief won’t be able to access them. You will be alerted each time your account has been accessed, so you can take any action if needed. In addition, the app will also keep all of the data organized, making it easy to use.

4. Credit Sesame

The app is developed to monitor all your credit cards data and alerts you if there is something problematic with them. You can check it every day and you can use the app as long as you want. There are no specific limitations. A great addition is the tips implemented into the app. All of them are made to help you improve your protection every day. Eventually, you will completely improve the protection of your credit cards and make you immune to the online thieves. The app is small, practical and it can run on all smartphones.

5. Identity Guard app

The app in question is a completely different than the previous one. First of all, it is highly rated as one of the safest identity-protecting apps on the Google Play. It is simple but highly efficient. The main feature is account monitoring. In simple words, all identity theft victims are aware when their data has been stolen. The app will monitor all of your accounts and alert you if some unusual activity occurs. By knowing this, you can disable or inspect the account in question.

6. Checking the credit card account with Credit Karma

Credit Karma is an interesting app that doesn’t require a lot of time to be used. It has been approved by credit biro and it is very popular across the planet. We liked the fact it allows you to keep track of all your credit card usages. You will have a complete insight in each transaction, each payment and etc. The best addition is the fact you have right to use this app free of charge. Yes, you can check all your credit cards on a daily basis. In addition, the app will alert you if the unapproved or increased expense is requested, making it perfect for parents.

7. Secure your Wi-Fi connection

Nowadays, we all have Wi-Fi routers and we all use this type of connection. Using it without password may be noble, but isn’t really safe. The biggest problem is the connection between the router and your devices. Hackers and thieves can get access to all your devices through the Wi-Fi connection. The only way to protect it is to use a password. Make sure you choose the strongest password that cannot be hacked (it should include letters and symbols). Change the password, simply when a high number of people get it.

8. Anti-Theft Cerberus

There are a lot of apps on this principle, but this one is slightly different. The first advantage is in alerting you to fake hotspots. In a case your smartphone is stolen, the app will lock it and locate it. You can even send messages to your smartphone (communicate with the thief). All the private data on a smartphone cannot be accessed until you unlock the device. Let’s add the feature that makes all logins secure.

9. Try Trusted ID

There are a lot of companies such as Trusted ID, but this one is a bit special. The first thing to remember is that the company is based on the high-security server and all the data is held under encrypted protection. In a matter of fact, you can even notice that the website requires as low info as possible. On the other side, the company will monitor your credit activity and check for various treats daily. If detected, you will be alerted, your credit cards protected, your private data re-checked and then secured. The bottom line is that they are useful, more than most of you believe.

10. Anti-theft-Secret Control

Anti-theft Secret Control app protects your smartphone in order to keep all your data secured. In a case you lose your device, it will help you locate it with the phone locator. It also features strong passwords and complete smartphone lock. The main benefit of the app is that it eliminates the risk of an identity theft through your smartphone. Important: Even when you delete private information of the smartphone, they can still be recovered! Businessapps,securityIdentity theft is a huge problem nowadays. Only in the United States, more than 9 million people per year are affected by this issue. The number is much higher if we include the rest of the world. Due to the social media, online shopping and chat providers, losing your identity is more than just possible. […]