How Valuable is Content Marketing?

how valuable is content marketing
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Digital marketing is a critical part of growing your brand and business. There are millions of users on the Internet, and digital marketing allows you to tap into that large audience. However, digital marketing has many aspects that cover various topics such as SEO, paid media, and social media marketing. However, one area of digital marketing that is often underrated is content marketing. Using content marketing services can grow your brand rapidly and build credibility around your brand. So exactly how valuable is content marketing to your brand, and how can it benefit you? Let’s take a look. 

Improves SEO Efforts

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using content marketing is the way that it boosts your brand’s SEO efforts. High-quality content full of optimized keywords and backlinks will allow your brand to rank higher on certain search engine results. In addition, creating good content can build your website’s authority in the eyes of search engine crawlers, something that can also help you rank higher in search engine results. Most users do not look past the first few results from a search query, meaning that ranking higher in search results can be a fantastic way to grow your company. Optimizing your website for SEO is key to growing rapidly, so thankfully, SEO and content marketing go hand and hand.

Adds Value to Reader

One of the best things about content marketing is it provides value to the customer without requiring them to make any purchases. Traditional advertisements usually offer no value to a customer, as they simply try to entice customers to make a purchase or inform them of a deal. On the other hand, content marketing pieces can legitimately provide advice and educational value to a customer. For example, if you’re a divorce lawyer and have several content pieces regarding divorce law on your website, then potential customers can use your content to get a baseline education on divorce law. After reading your content pieces, a customer will have much more knowledge about the subject, even though they haven’t made any purchases or commitments yet. Since they gained value from your resources, a customer will then be much more likely to view your brand as credible and do business with you in the future.

Builds Social Media Followings

Another great thing about content marketing is it provides you with things to post on your company’s social media accounts. When your content is uploaded on your website, you can then post links to it on all of your social media accounts. This is fantastic, as the two forms of marketing will play off each other and work well in tandem. The content piece allows you to post something on social media that followers can react to and engage with. In addition, your social media accounts will drive an increased amount of traffic to your content, meaning the piece will be more successful. Many businesses struggle with what they should post on their social media accounts, even if they have a relatively large following. Thankfully, content marketing pairs extremely well with social media marketing, allowing you to better reach your social media following.

Establishes Relationships with Customers

An often underrated benefit of content marketing is that it establishes strong relationships with customers. When you continually post high-quality content, consumers will routinely revisit your website. High-quality content provides consumers with a great experience that they can extract value from, leaving them satisfied and wanting more. Consumers will also view your brand in a much more positive light, as they will perceive your company as a reliable source in the industry. Establishing positive relationships with consumers is a key part of growing your business, and thankfully content marketing can help in that area.

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