Black Stuff in the Ocean Attack People

Mexico, in the hot afternoon where people are strolling and swimming in the sea. Suddenly a weird alien like black stuff emerge from the sea and started to approach and it seem like it moving forward in attack position.


People around it beginning to scared and run for their life. Human tend to scare the unknown, is it disease organism? is it some toxic waste?

Well it turn out to be a swarm of black colored fish swimming randomly toward the beach. A resident who is a fisherman said he have’t seen anything like this before. It is likely the fishes is running from something in the ocean. Maybe the mexican awoken GODZILLA from his deep sleep 🙂


In the end, when the black stuff was confirmed a fish, the beach mogul started to netting the fish one by one. They didn’t know if million of fish surrounded them, they might get eaten instead. just a FYI!

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