If you’re in trouble with the legislation, chances are you’ll feel very alone. On the other hand, you don’t have to be alone in any way, particularly when you find the best Orange County Criminal Attorney for you. If you’re wondering whether you need one in any way, think about some of the advantages of having a good legal professional before you decide for sure in either case.

how a criminal attorney can help you clear your name
If your track record was clean before the recent accusations, you’re probably annoyed to now have a thing damaging on it. It may in some cases, cut down your likelihood of getting a license or job that’s essential for your career. On the whole, it may follow you for all times, continuously reminding you of one negative conclusion or misconception.

How A Criminal Lawyer Will Help

Criminal attorneys are a specific type of lawyer. Their work is always to make sure that their clients get all that is accessible to them under the legislation right after they have been charged with criminal activity.

Criminal infractions could contain the following:

  • driving under the influence
  • hit-and-run
  • careless driving
  • theft
  • larceny
  • robbery
  • attack
  • battery
  • killing
  • wrongful death
  • data expungement
  • drug ownership
  • promoting a controlled compound
  • drug trafficking

Reducing Charges:

A criminal legal professional will certainly first try to get the charges lowered. He/she may also check out and frequently challenge the laboratory work, arresting process and some other facets of the criminal arrest.


The client gets into a plea at the particular arraignment hearing. If an accused can’t afford to seek the services of any criminal defense lawyer, a legal court will hire a lawyer from the Public Defender’s Department to help as that person’s felony lawyer. Public defenders in many cases are young and unskilled in rising against attorneys from the District Attorney’s Workplace. For this particular reason, it is usually best if you keep a criminal lawyer.

Right after the arraignment or even at the particular arraignment, the defendant’s felony lawyer may submit a Motion to Write off the Case for insufficient proof, inappropriate police arrest procedure or another legitimate cause. In the event the case is retrenched, the client is free of charge and won’t have any conviction on his / her criminal background.

Pre-Trial Convention:

At the particular pre-trial meeting, the court studies both legal professionals to find out if they’re able to proceed to trial. If they’re not, the court will admonish all of them to prepare the case as soon as possible. In the event the case is just about to move forward, it’ll start working on the designated trial time exactly where each side will show the case. Several trials tend to be before the court and the jury while some others are held before the court only.


Plea dealing discussions start virtually right from the start of the case. Most of these are usually not held at courtroom but, instead, between lawyers while at the local cafe across from the court. In the event, the case is resolved just before trial and if the court grants the negotiation, the trial time will certainly be left. On the other hand, in the event the case doesn’t reconcile, the trial will start.


Certain cases reconcile during the time of trial; however, the more serious cases such as larceny, theft, and murder are often sentenced one or two weeks right after the trial. For any sentence, an offender may possibly be needed to serve time in the particular city jail or state jail, pay money to victim restitution, take part in drug treatment, state before a victim’s class and participate in community service.

First criminal acts are usually sentenced to summary probation simply. On the other hand, if probation in case dishonored by any means, the opponent will certainly then need to serve time in lock-up. A criminal lawyer may assist in aiding a client get a lower sentence.

FAQ’s Concerning the Expungement of Criminal History Records

expungement of criminal history records
Just before I get beyond the boundary in the following paragraphs, having said that, I wish to inform you that I’m a criminal lawyer, and a DC criminal lawyer, so anything talked about here is from the perspective of expungements in all those jurisdictions. On top of that, laws contribute towards expungement only in limited conditions, while the state of Virginia and Baltimore have fairly broader laws. All are different as well as, hence, the information you get in the following paragraphs isn’t, neither is it intended as, legal counsel.

1. What exactly is expungement?

Expungement is the procedure through which particular criminal history records can be wrecked, generally right after a particular time period or even a result in the courtroom – for instance, right after an acquittal, noble prosequi, probation before verdict, or some other termination of the charge.

Although this article is all about expungement, I would like to explain an essential distinction between expunging data and sealing documents. Expungement signifies that the records are destroyed. It’s as though the particular criminal offense never took place, or at least the document of the criminal offense does not exist. Closing signifies that the records are still there; however, a court ruling prohibits them from being noticed by the majority of people.

2. What can criminal history records easily be expunged?

It is very important to note that not every criminal history record, charges, results, prosecutions, and so forth. Can easily be expunged. When it’s determined that documents can be expunged, usually all records in correction facility, detention facility, law administration bureau, or criminal rights information registry concerning that person’s felony charge will be expunged. This often consists of information and facts about trepidation, police arrest, detention, trial, or even predisposition for that certain crime.

With the exception of limited conditions, criminal history records are not instantly expunged. Usually, the individual asking for the expungement, or even the criminal lawyer, has to submit a motion or request in the courtroom as well as then adhere to different procedures to achieve the record expunged. You should know that removing your criminal record is not easy. Sometimes, for example in a few cases, documents may be instantly closed or expunged when the accused reaches a particular age.

3. Can an expungement request be rejected?

Completely expungement requests can easily be declined. First, and main, expungement isn’t a complete right. Criminal history records are only able to be expunged in restricted conditions, and only when the applicant uses the processes properly. Expungements in many cases are refused because periods of time are not met, the request is inadequate, the records are not the ones that can easily be expunged, and for several other reasons.

You must know that most of the records are actually a public data. To put it differently, anyone can visit Maryland, the state of Virginia, or DC court and find out if you’ve been imprisoned or found guilty of a criminal offense. Expungement is actually a method through which someone can easily limit or remove the accessibility of most of these records entirely.

Most of the time, you won’t be in a position to vote, receive student financial help, or buy weapons. Most of these problems could impact many people more than some others, but in general, you’ll never be able to ignore your conviction. It’ll stick to you like darkness throughout life if you don’t do anything whatsoever to fix the issue.

A legal attorney can help you clear your history. Though no one can guarantee the outcome of your case, your lawyer will likely do everything he or she can to get your record expunged. This straightforward act can save you from taking a loss throughout your life from any negatively impacted record that takes away occupations.

expungement request be rejected
Some criminal offenses require that you spend some time locked away, whether this implies a couple of months in prison or years in jail. There’s a chance you’re amazed at how heavy a consequence the conviction carries. A criminal legal professional may work with you to reduce or even eradicate time in prison or jail.

Aside from just the day-to-day experience with living life in jail, you should think of the simple fact that you could be missing your job, loved ones, and good friends. The majority of people will do everything they can to have their liberation, and that’s why they employ the service of a competent criminal lawyer.

It might seem that since you’re not responsible, it will likely be easy to prove the purity on your own. On the other hand, even though you didn’t do what you’re being found guilty of, there’s a chance you will be punished for it. Naive individuals are convicted on a daily basis, mostly once they don’t have experienced legal professionals to protect them. If you would like someone in your corner throughout the whole experience, you’ll select a skilled criminal lawyer to help you remove your name.

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