how to eliminate ants
During the warm months, ants are the biggest issue for most homeowners. They are simply annoying and even dangerous. Ants can damage your food, your appliances and even reduce the property value. Additional problems come as bites (very painful) and they can make the entire home less pleasant.

There are advanced chemicals that will get rid of ants in a matter of hours, but there are some drawbacks as well. They are not completely safe to humans, especially if you have pets or/and children. The end result is natural, safe solutions to eliminate and keep ants away from your home. All of these alternatives affect the most common home-invading ants, such as carpenter, pharaoh, pavement, and acrobat.

How to get rid of ants naturally in house

Vinegar is the first and the most effective natural ant extermination, natural way to keep the ants away from your home. It is even useful in eliminating those already inside. All you need to do is to mix vinegar with water and spray the paths of ants. This solution works due to the fact it creates a powerful scent that repels all ants. It is effective and easy to use. In addition, apple cider vinegar can be used as well.

Lemon (can be used in several ways)
Due to the fact lemon is extremely useful in repelling ants and even killing them, we must say that it is one of the best and definitely the most commonly used natural ant extermination against ants. You can use essential oil, or mix juice with water and spray it on the places where ants pass by.

Another method is to use lemon peel and place it around the windows, holes or doors, where ants may enter your home. Lemon’s peel has a strong scent that will keep ants away. For the maximum efficiency, you should use both methods.

This is a powerful solution. First of all, it is a natural ant extermination that repels all the insects, especially ants and mosquitoes. Next benefit is the fact you can grow it in your garden or in your kitchen (peppermint plant).

In this occasion, we recommend peppermint essential oil. All you must do is to mix one cup of water and 10 drops of the peppermint essential oil. Spray it around the paths ants make and you are done. This mixture also makes impossible for ants to detect your food, so it will have two benefits rather than one. We will add that you can also use dry peppermint around the doors or windows, to keep ants away forever.

Table salt may sound like an extraordinary solution here, but it is more than just effective, although, the preparation process takes a bit more time. In essence, you will have to boil water and add salt. Mix the solution and wait until it cools down. Spray it where the ants penetrate your house. Repeat the procedure 2 times per day, until you don’t see any ants in your house.

Soap isn’t harmful to people unless it comes in contact with eyes. Even then, it is painful, rather than damaging. Well, it is more than just dangerous to ants. Scientists have confirmed that certain chemicals from the soap, can damage the exoskeleton (the ant’s armor) and cause severe dehydration. As the result, all affected ants will be dead.

Strong perfume
You probably have some perfume that has an extremely strong odor, but it isn’t very pleasant. Perfect, because it is a natural ant extermination way against ants. These insects cannot tolerate the odor of a strong perfume. An interesting fact is that they rarely attack people wearing this type of perfumes! In order to use it, apply a few drops on cotton balls and place them next to holes, where ants are walking into your home. They won’t even come close to the cotton balls.

Maybe you like pepper, but ants don’t. In general, it has the same properties and affects the ants on the same way as salt. The procedure is the same as well. You will have to boil water and mix pepper with it. Spray it and ants will be eliminated. All kinds of peppers work. Tip: You can mix pepper and salt with water in order to make an even stronger solution.

Chalk is very dangerous to ants. In a matter of fact, they are so scared of it that if you draw a line with a chalk, on the floor, ants won’t cross it. Some people use chalk to draw lines around the windows, so ants cannot penetrate. There is also a white, chalk powder in local stores. It is used to draw lines as well. Keep in mind that if you use this alternative outside a home, you must repeat it after each rain.

You may have an old and ruined cornmeal in your kitchen. Instead of throwing it away, use it. For some reason, ants cannot stand it. The solution is simple and it takes just a few seconds. You will spray it around the corners and places where ants pass by and wait. In 2 days you will see their trail, which you should follow. When you find their nest, use cornmeal to fill it. The entire colony will emigrate and leave your home forever.

Cucumber’s peel
Ants are literally allergic to cucumber peel. They even hate the taste of it, especially of bitter ones. Simply place the peels where ants penetrate, and you are done. Make sure you replace them after 3-4 days.

Final Conclusion on How to Get Rid of Ants

In order to maximize the effect, all of these alternatives natural ant extermination have, make sure to keep foods away from open space. This applies to sugary food especially! Obviously, taking out the trash each day and keeping the entire kitchen clean, will help you reduce the risk of this threat. Don’t wait for the entire ant colony to get inside a home, use these solutions to prevent us as soon as possible.

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