why every home needs a foosball table
I used to see them on movies and wish I had one. Faces around a foosball table were always smiling broadly. I wondered what it was like.

So when I set up my own home it was one of the first items I purchased. My expectations were met. No matter the age of my children or what our different interest are today, the foosball table has always been the place where we laugh.

I guess each family has its own preferences. But few games allowed for so many life lessons and good memories to take place.

I think you should get one too.

Reasons You Need One

It Works For Any Age Group

What is that one good memory you have of your childhood? For me it was the swing my grandfather put up in the huge tree in his garden. Children could swing and the grown ups enjoyed the shade.

I wanted to give my children something similar. But with so much technology stimulating our senses it’s difficult to grasp someone’s attention. And it gets more difficult as children grow older.

But foosball works for any age.

  • The desire to win never goes away so you can always engage someone in a game
  • Small children love learning the game
  • Older teenagers love showing off their skills
  • Because it requires concentration even grown ups don’t get bored

It became the central item in our home and the topic of many of my children’s school essays. I hope they remember it fondly always.

You Need Activities for Rainy Days

I refuse to let technology win. Yes, it’s fun watching a movie. But TVs and Smartphones will destroy our ability to communicate if we let them.

And when rain keeps my family from their other hobbies, they will easily say they don’t have anything else to do but use technology.

But at some stage they stopped debating with me. The foosball table was my trump card. And eventually they realized it’s even more fun than chatting on social media.

Family Time is Essential

It’s easy to fall into bad habits. When I’m tired I also want to watch movies rather than have a picnic outside.

But before long I see the results:

  • Family members start fighting
  • Some complain we don’t know what they’re going through
  • Most of them stay in their rooms between meals

But not if I keep our weekly foosball matches going according to schedule. Because I can get adrenaline rushing and rid myself of some frustration, I always feel better after a game. And because we all do this we have less frustration to take out on each other.

It’s amazing what one game can accomplish!

Competition is Healthy

foosball competition healthy
As mentioned earlier we always have a few competitions going. And I found it’s a healthy atmosphere to live in.

Apart from weekly winners we also want to claim the title of best player overall. Firstly it results in an exciting atmosphere in the house, which I love. Secondly, claiming the title can result in an immense debate!

And this is how I taught my children about winning and losing:

  • You can win with grace
  • You can lose with grace
  • It’s not only about winning, because mastering a certain technique is valuable too
  • You’ll feel better when you have some fun instead of only thinking about winning

I didn’t tell my children about these lessons. I taught them in practice. And they had fun learning.

Be the House Everyone Wants to Visit

But I know my children has the best fun with their friends. And I found a way to attract the neighborhood’s kids to our home.

Don’t get me wrong. I allow my kids to visit their friends. But I also want to know their friends. And no teenager wants to sit around talking to grown ups, right?

I simply arrange a games day. Because we have one of the only foosball tables in the neighborhood, everyone wants to join in the day’s excitement.

By watching them I can gauge children’s characters so I know who my kids spend time with. Now I feel more at peace when they spend time at someone else’s home.

And of course I love that our house bears the title of the coolest gaming venue on our street. I think my grownup neighbors love the games just as much as the kids do.

How to Pick One

Are you ready to get your foosball table? Please don’t purchase the first one you see. If you want years of good memories you need to buy a quality product.

On The Scouting Report foosball tables are regularly reviewed. You can find one that suits your budget, preferences and style. After all you need one that goes with your décor, right?

Here are some other factors to consider:

  • Brand: Well known brands include Tornado, Carrom and Hathaway. You don’t have to purchase a branded model, but it will ensure a better quality buy.
  • Materials used: Look what the table and components are made of. Plastic is affordable but not long lasting.
  • Size: The average size is 56”x30”. How much space do you have available? Opt for a smaller table if there won’t be enough space for players. For comfortable playing you need 7ftx8ft.
  • Mobility: Some units don’t have legs and simply need a flat surface to be played. These can easily be stored or transported.
  • Markings: Lower quality products will have markings and logos applied with stickers. These will come loose and deteriorate. It’s better to pick a model where these marking are embedded.
  • Rod types: Light, hollow rods are more expensive, but makes for faster playing.
  • Height: The average height of a foosball table is 36”. Pick one with adjustable legs if you know kids, short or tall people will also want to play.
  • Number of men: Tables have different setups. Some have more goalies than others. Pick one where you can add or remove them for the best gaming versatility.
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