Web hosting is a platform where a business or a company designs its website and uploads it on the world wide web from where the users can easily access the data and information available on the firm’s website. Be it a small scale business or a huge scale enterprise.

In today’s modern world every business will require its own website. For a website to be accessible over the world wide Web, the firm needs to design it, and then host its website on a server where all the files and data regarding to the website will be stored. A firm can host its website by buying a server and setting up a data control unit or getting into an agreement with various companies that provide web hosting services. The reliability of each type of server is based on the up-time and availability of the website on the world wide Web. While the availability refers the amount of time the website is available in a particular year, the up-time refers to the time period from when the website is uploaded on the server regardless of the time it was available on the world wide Web.

Few of the major ways where you can host your websites are free hosting, shared hosting, VPS (virtual private server) hosting and dedicated hosting. Here’s some details on this 4 hosting plans.

Free hosting – Cost free but not recommended

A free hosting is where you can upload and host your website into a hosting server without paying anything. Best solution for personal website but not recommend for small business website. Free hosting allow you to host your website for free but there’s some limitation in their hosting service. Your website up-time will not be 100% and there’s limit on traffic and bandwidth allowed. If you hit certain point where your website had more than 100 visitors per-day, you’ll suffer insufficient resource notification because you’re using a hosting server that were shared by many free host website.

Another down side in free hosting is the host will add their own advertisement into your website as part of the free hosting deal, this is sometime annoying and will make you lose your visitors. If you’re determine to choose free hosting for your start-up business, you could choose from this list of best free website hosting that have options to upgrade your hosting to premium paid plan if you decided to improved your business website growth.

Shared hosting – Cheap and preferred by many

shared hosting server
A shared hosting is where a firm shares the server with one or more companies to host their websites. A popular choice available are HostGator or Bluehost. In this hosting plan you don’t have the root or administrator access to change any details of your website. The access lies solely with the owner of the server. Even though the shared hosting is one of the most commonly used hosting format, it is not very reliable as the uptime and downtime of the server is decided mutually amongst all the users who are hosting their website on that particular server. So it might so happen that you might have to pay a little more than what you have in mind. Apart from the uptime and downtime, the security aspect also is a big concern for many. When hosting your website over a shared server, even though you might protect your website thoroughly with the help of various tools, it is still vulnerable.

Imagine 100 domain hosting in one shared server, the server will not be stable and might crash…

A hacker who would like to hack into your website, can hack into the shared server through another less protected website hosted on the server, and eventually get into your website. Since the root access is not in your hands, you can’t do much to protect yourself against such a hack.

Virtual dedicated hosting – Better, faster and secure

The virtual dedicated hosting also referred to as the virtual private server, allots a specified amount of space on the server for your website while the rest can be used to accommodate various other websites. Though it has a firewall, the hack can be made by introducing a malware or a malicious code in the server cracking the firewall and making it vulnerable. One aspect where a VPS is better when compared to a shared server is that the up-time or downtime of the website can be individually decided by the owner of each website for their particular part of the server. This form of hosting a website is considered to be better as it is not very costly and it also gives a limited root access to the client.

Dedicated hosting – Most effective hosting

The best way of hosting a server is no doubt the dedicated server hosting. This hosting server is used when only one website is uploaded on the world wide Web using one server, that is each website has its own server. Though it is a bit costly on the pockets when compared to the shared hosting or the VPS hosting, the un-managed or self managed hosting is cost effective. An un-managed dedicated server hosting is when the client uploads and manage its own data along with its security and maintenance of the server.

The client himself is responsible for deciding the up-time or downtime, to ensure the availability of the website. This gives the website and the server a flexible approach. The dedicated hosting server gives the root access to its clients. When it comes to the security aspect, the root access being with the client, they can set up various tools to protect and since only one website is allotted per server, it is very difficult for any hacker to pass through the firewalls without being noticed. This dedicated server hosting is the best method for a small business to host their website for their users to access their products and to make a profit out of it.

When the owner of a small business approaches a hosting service provider for hosting on a leased server, the provider signs a Service Level Agreement (SLA). The SLA consists of various terms and conditions regarding the availability, the up-time, the maintenance and the security of the server.

Why choose dedicated server hosting?

dedicated hosting server
So when it is asked which hosting type is the best for a small business, a dedicated server hosting would be the best as it not only ensures that the server doesn’t get heavy with traffic since only one website is allotted on one website, it also ensures the safety of its users. A small business that requires net banking or online transaction, the details of the card need to be kept safely and secure the gateway while passing through the server. On a shared or VPS hosting, the data is stored on a server which accommodates various other sites and can be accessed by hacking into it through them.

Although dedicated hosting is more expensive than shared and VPS hosting, it still the best recommend hosting plan for businesses. You could choose a slightly cheaper and less modern hardware server like this few of the best cheap dedicated server hosting.

Even though the dedicated server hosting is costlier when compared to the other two, it is the most cost effective way to ensure the safety of its client data and then to access the server in any way and time they would require. It also ensures that the maintenance of the server or website can be done as and when required without any restrictions

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